What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?

Chapter 40



    Jiang Yuchu was very upset that Shu Han treated Xia Yirou with that aggressive tone and eyes, what happened to Xia Yirou? She, a person who has ruined other people's marriages, is still so righteous. It's true that she has lived for a long time. Is it because Xia Yirou is easy to bully? Jiang Yuchu can guarantee that if Shu Han talks about Xia Yirou again, she will swear.


    "This has nothing to do with Miss Shu." Jiang Yuchu returned without showing any emotion.

    After hearing Jiang Yuchu's answer, Shu Han's face became extremely ugly for a moment: Jiang Yuchu is so cruel! Is this to cut off the relationship with her cleanly? Has Jiang Yuchu already hated her so much?

    She... pushed Jiang Yuchu away with her own hands. She regrets it a little now. Seeing Jiang Yuchu with other Omegas, she feels heart-wrenching pain. Jiang Yuchu was originally hers.

    "Just asking, there is no need for Miss Jiang to be so domineering!" Chen Qiao saw that Shu Han was being bullied, and immediately stood up to protect Shu Han.

    Jiang Yuchu really didn't understand what Chen Qiao was thinking. His wife was ambiguous with his ex. He was indifferent but tried his best to maintain it. Is this a state of love already? Is it a realm where even being cuckolded can be enjoyed? Chen Qiao was afraid that he was not puaed by Shu Han, right?

    "Does Mr. Chen like to meddle in other people's business so much? I suggest Mr. Chen to deal with his own affairs first." .

    "You..." Chen Qiao clenched her fists and looked at Jiang Yuchu angrily, thinking that Shu Han was still here, he forcibly endured Jiang Yuchu's provocation, he was gentle and polite, Don't be so impulsive.

    Jiang Yuchu saw that Chen Qiao was a little violent and wanted to fight at every turn, but he didn't dare to attack in front of Shu Han.

      Does Jiang Yuchu have lethal power? Anyway, he has absolute lethal power on Xia Yirou.

    It used to be like this, but it has no effect on the current Xia Yirou, because she already knows that Jiang Yuchu is not the person before.


    "Jiang Yuchu!" Chen Qiao couldn't bear it anymore and roared.

    "Chen Qiao! I'm a little tired, let's go back." Shu Han pulled Chen Qiao and said weakly.

    Only then did Chen Qiao notice that Shu Han was in a bad state. He hurriedly supported Shu Han and asked anxiously, "Are you alright?"

    "It's fine, I want to go back." Shu Han calmly pulled out his hand and said lightly.


    Chen Qiao was afraid of Shu Han's accident, so she hurriedly left with Shu Han.

    After Chen Qiao and the others left, Jiang Yuchu smelled his body: No other smell?

    "Mr. Xia, do I really smell like Omega?" Jiang Yuchu looked at Xia Yirou for verification.

    Xia Yirou looked at Jiang Yuchu sniffing her clothes and felt that Jiang Yuchu was cute and silly. The smell of pheromones is emitted from the glands, how can you smell it on clothes?

    "I smell it." Xia Yirou leaned closer to Jiang Yuchu's collar and sniffed seriously. After Xia Yirou approached, Jiang Yuchu didn't even dare to move. As Xia Yirou approached, she really smelled the smell of Omega. Jiang Yuchu froze and didn't move, keeping one movement.

    "Yes, yes?" Jiang Yuchu asked nervously, his back was already sweating.

    "No." Xia Yirou returned to her original position. Seeing Jiang Yuchu's nervous appearance, she couldn't bear to tease Jiang Yuchu any more.

    Jiang Yuchu breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good."

    I don't know why Jiang Yuchu is relieved.

    "Mom, it's our turn!" Jiang Zhengnuo has been paying attention to the situation of the boats on the river, and reminded Xia Yirou as soon as he saw a free boat.

    Since Jiang Yuchu and Xia Yirou were both not good at rowing, and they also brought Jiang Zhengnuo a child, they hired a person who specialized in rowing.

    On the river rafting, Jiang Yuchu felt that this scene was inexplicably familiar, but...she has never been here before, she can be sure.

    "Are you really going to attend Shu Han's wedding?"

    Xia Yirou's words brought Jiang Yuchu's thoughts back: "I wanted to go, but now I don't want to go, I'm afraid Chen Qiao will go crazy indirectly."

    "You don't like Chen Qiao?"

    "Well, he is such a strange person, rushing to give himself a green hat."

    Xia Yirou was amused by Jiang Yuchu's words, but thinking about it carefully, it seems that it is true, but Chen Qiao seems to like Shu Han very much, which is really contradictory.

    When passing through the bend of the river, the calm river suddenly had a strong wind, and the boat began to sway from side to side. The boatman panicked. He had worked in Yiyuan for fifteen years and had passed this river countless times, but he had never encountered such a situation.

    Xia Yirou wanted to protect Jiang Zhengnuo, so she was swayed left and right by the wind. Seeing that Xia Yirou was about to fall, Jiang Yuchu reached out and held Xia Yirou in time, but she fell off herself. down.

    With a "thump", Jiang Yuchu sank at an unusual speed, the whirlpool disappeared as quickly as it had never appeared, and the wind miraculously disappeared, as if nothing had happened. .


    "Meng Yi!"

    "Jiang Yuchu!"

      But after a few seconds, a long scroll appeared in front of her eyes, and the picture inside gradually became three-dimensional from a plane, and she also changed from an outsider to an insider.

    Jiang Yuchu was in a palace. At the top of the palace sat a middle-aged man in a black robe. He had a long beard and stared at the palace in front of the palace. 'men' in official robes.

    "Meng Yi, I am very disappointed in you." The man's majestic voice resounded throughout the palace.

    "Chen, convict." The 'man' voice was neither humble nor arrogant, clear and transparent, and he had no intention of defending himself.

    The emperor gave Meng Yi one last look in disappointment, rubbed his temples tiredly, turned and left the palace.

    The screen is broken and reassembled. The surrounding scene turned into a temple, her legs knelt down uncontrollably, and the whole figure was like being pressed to the ground, unable to move.

    An old man's powerful voice came from the worship platform: "Meng Yi, continue your mission, this is the meaning of your coming to this world. The life I owe you has been paid back to you. ."

    "Remember your mission!" With the faint sound of the bell, a loud voice came to Jiang Yuchu's ears, and her consciousness was gradually getting out of here.



    "Jiang Yuchu!" Xia Yirou shouted Jiang Yuchu's name in fear, her whole body was trembling with fear, and tears were already welling out of her eyes. Xia Yirou has never been so afraid, she has never been so afraid of losing something, she is afraid that Jiang Yuchu will leave this world completely, which is not impossible, after all, there are so many unexplainable secrets in Jiang Yuchu.

    The chaotic world gradually ushered in the dawn, and the surrounding scene became clear. Jiang Yuchu opened his eyes and stared blankly at the void.

    Meng Yi? mission? significance? afterlife?

    What the **** is this? Isn't she afraid of being stunned?

    "Jiang Yuchu?" Xia Yirou saw the awakened Jiang Yuchu's hanging heart come to the ground, and a feeling of lost and found came to her heart.

    "Are you okay? You scared me to death!" Xia Yirou jumped directly into Jiang Yuchu's arms, she couldn't help crying again: she was really scared...

    "Sister, I'm fine, don't be afraid." Jiang Yuchu hugged Xia Yirou and comforted her patiently, she felt the trembling of Xia Yirou's body in her arms, she must have been frightened just now Xia Yirou is soft.

    "Aunt Jiang." Jiang Zhengnuo also threw herself into Jiang Yuchu's arms, crying hard.

    Jiang Yuchu was like this, holding one in each hand, patiently coaxing the two girls.

    At Xia Yirou's insistence, Jiang Yuchu was taken to the hospital for a general examination. After confirming that everything was fine, Xia Yirou was relieved.

    The kindergarten has been urging Jiang Zhengnuo to come back to class, so after they came out of the hospital, they went back to the hotel to pack up their luggage and took the train back. Because Xia Yirou did not allow Jiang Yuchu to drive, although Jiang Yuchu did not hurt his body, Xia Yirou felt that Jiang Yuchu should not be overworked.

    During this period of time, Jiang Yuchu didn't look at her mobile phone very much. She didn't have time to open her mobile phone until she was on the train. She didn't know if she didn't read it. There were dozens of phone calls and dozens of messages.

    Jiang Yuchu had an ominous premonition. She checked the text message first. The general content of the message was: Someone ate at Jiangweiju and caused her death. Ask her what to do now? The police have sealed the shop and have temporarily detained the cooks in jail.

    Jiang Yuchu forced herself to calm down. It was obvious that someone wanted to target her. She roughly made a list of suspects in her mind. As for the specific situation, she had to go to the police station to find out.

    "Is something wrong?" Xia Yirou looked at Jiang Yuchu and looked helpless and impetuous after looking at her phone, and often looked at her watch.

    "There is something wrong in the store and I need to fix it."

    "I opened a restaurant in Xiannan a few days ago, and something happened today." Realizing that he didn't explain clearly, Jiang Yuchu added. She tried her best to be calm and could not show negative emotions in front of Xia Yirou.

    "I believe in you, I will be able to solve it successfully." Xia Yirou held Jiang Yuchu's hand and said encouragingly.


    With Xia Yirou's grip, all the incidents in the store disappeared from Jiang Yuchu's mind, only: What does Xia Yirou mean? Is that what she meant? What should she do next?

    Jiang Yuchu's tense palms were sweating, he hesitated again and again, and finally gathered up his courage and held Xia Yirou's hand, although his eyes still did not dare to look at Xia Yirou, but his vision She has been paying attention to Xia Yirou's actions. She even thought about the wording of her apology, but Xia Yirou didn't give her a chance to say it. Xia Yirou did not object to Jiang Yuchu's move, but clenched their hands tightly. . Jiang Yuchu wanted to ask Xia Yirou if she understood it, but she didn't dare. It should be...


    After arriving in Mi County, Jiang Yuchu sent Xia Yirou and Jiang Zhengnuo home and contacted Ren Huan first. She needed to know the general situation.

    After Jiangweiju was sealed, Ren Huan kept at the gate of Jiangweiju. She could not contact Jiang Yuchu, so she could only hope that Jiang Yuchu would come to Jiangweiju, so that she could You can inform Jiang Yuchu of the specific situation as soon as possible. Fortunately, Jiang Yuchu finally contacted her, and she continued to wait for Jiang Yuchu to come over at Jiangweiju.

    After Jiang Yu first arrived at Jiangweiju, without waiting for her to ask, Ren Huan hurriedly told what happened today.

    Ren Huan had no experience in this area, she didn't know how to deal with it at that time, the whole person was frightened and dumbfounded, the deceased's pale face and empty eyes fell to the ground in her mind Don't go. After the incident, almost all the employees of Jiang Weiju were in a state of panic, and they could only watch Jiang Weiju being banned.

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