What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?

Chapter 45

    ◎Good night◎

    Xia Yirou blinked in confusion, first Jiang Yuchu's face slowly enlarged in front of her eyes, then she felt softness on her lips, and Jiang Yuchu's closed eyes and microscopic expressions were close at hand. The trembling eyelashes all told Jiang Yuchu's nervousness. She thought that Jiang Yuchu was really swollen to the foot, but it turned out that... made her worry in vain. After reacting, Xia Yirou bit Jiang Yuchu's lower lip ashamed and annoyed to express her anger.

    Jiang Yuchu opened her eyes for unknown reasons, and met Xia Yirou's shy eyes, Xia Yirou did not push her away, which gave Jiang Yuchu confidence, she took advantage of Xia Yirou's shy eyes Softly opening the gap between her lips, she **** the air from Xia Yirou's mouth.

    What bad thoughts does Jiang Yuchu have? She just likes Xia Yirou so much, she just wants to share the breath with Xia Yirou in two interconnected narrow spaces.

    The little fish in Jiang Yuchu's house likes the new pond that Jiang Yuchu took him to watch, he happily wanders in the pond, carefully explores every place, and will stop and pay attention to the place that attracts him Watching, it took the fish owner in the pond to explore round and round in the pond, it likes this new playmate very much, and even leads the new friend to visit its home, but its new playmate Obviously lack of physical strength, but it doesn't matter, it has good physical strength, it pulls the new partner together intimately, and will never leave the new partner behind. It is a guest who occupies an absolute advantage in other people's territory and can do whatever they want.

      Her hand clenched Jiang Yuchu's collar and leaned weakly in Jiang Yuchu's direction.

    Squatting and kissing, Jiang Yuchu felt a little unable to let go, she hugged Xia Yirou and stood up, then she put Xia Yirou against the lamppost on the side of the road, covering with one hand The back of Xia Yirou's head, the other hand and Xia Yirou's fingers intertwined, continuing her research career. Xia Yirou's kissed head was dizzy, and Jiang Yu could only do it.

    The shadow of the two people clinging to each other was pulled by the street lamp for a long time. Just looking at the shadow, it was more like a person.

    The moths that follow the light dance around the light, shadows falling. Insects have phototaxis, moths follow light because insects like to chase light? No, not really, on the contrary, the moths are disoriented by the light source, but tonight, they are no longer a lonely group, and a new member has joined them to keep them company.

    When Xia Yirou couldn't breathe, Jiang Yuchu reluctantly let go of Xia Yirou. After the kiss, Xia Yirou clings weakly on Jiang Yuchu's body, panting rapidly.

    Both were breathing calmly.

    After her brain regained clarity, Xia Yirou was glad that she didn't reject Jiang Yuchu just now, which showed that she was gradually getting used to it, and her heart was eager to recover. But she was more shy, Xia Yirou buried her face in Jiang Yuchu's neck, completely daring to face Jiang Yuchu.

    "I think, I know what the sweetest thing in the world is." Jiang Yuchu whispered in Xia Yirou's ear.


    "Hey, someone's angry."

    "I was wrong, I won't say it, let's go home?" Jiang Yuchu didn't dare to really annoy Xia Yirou, and the wind was starting to blow now, so Jiang Yuchu suggested it.

    "My legs are weak." Xia Yirou was silent for a while after listening, and said embarrassedly.

    "Then, my dear princess, please put your back up." Jiang Yuchu gave a princely ceremony, then squatted down and presented his back in front of Xia Yirou.

    "I'll take it easy."

    "Come on, give me a chance to be courteous."

    Based on Jiang Yuchu's stalking attitude, Jiang Yuchu finally succeeded in carrying Xia Yirou. Jiang Yuchu carried Xia Yirou home along the way. As long as she thought of her success in stealing, she couldn't help but want to laugh, and the smile on the corner of her mouth never disappeared. Xia Yirou lay quietly on Jiang Yuchu's shoulders, neither of them said a word. The environment on the road was quiet, and the atmosphere between them was warm and harmonious.

    Jiang Yuchu wanted to accompany Xia Yirou for the rest of her life, no matter in the last life or this life, her ultimate dream is always to be with the person she loves, in a place far away from the hustle and bustle, and be safe , to live a life without restraint. The days don't need to be more vigorous, as long as the person who accompanies her is the one she loves. She is fortunate that she came to this world, met Xia Yirou, and gave her a chance to realize her dream.

    Shu Han immediately called Jiang Yuchu a lot when she saw the news about Jiang Yuchu in the newspaper, but Jiang Yuchu never answered, she was worried, so she went directly to the place where Jiang Yuchu lived, when she arrived Later, instead of seeing Jiang Yuchu, she saw a group of men holding guys in front of Jiang Yuchu's house. She guessed that Jiang Yuchu might have returned to her hometown, so she came over. She called Jiang Yuchu many times and sent many messages without getting a reply from Jiang Yuchu, so she kept waiting at the door, she believed that Jiang Yuchu must be at home. Shu Han stood for a long time, and finally waited for Jiang Yuchu, but the scene she saw made her throat, but Jiang Yuchu didn't notice her at all, and passed her by.

    Jiang Yuchu didn't do it on purpose. She noticed that there was a woman on the side of the road. She only felt a little familiar. She didn't expect that woman to be Shu Han. After all, it was very late.

    "Jiang Yuchu..." Shu Han called Jiang Yuchu, who was passing by her, in a low voice.

    Xia Yirou noticed Shu Han's movements, and frowned unconsciously, feeling a little uncomfortable.

    Jiang Yuchu carried Xia Yirou on her back and couldn't directly draw out her hand, so she took a step back and opened the distance between them.

    "Ms. Shu? Are you ... something?"

    "Yu Chu, can I chat with you alone?"

    Jiang Yuchu felt that Xia Yirou's body tensed slightly after Shu Han said this, Jiang Yuchu immediately returned: "Is there anything I can say directly."

    "I want to chat with you alone." Shu Han still insisted on his own ideas.

    Jiang Yuchu frowned and firmly refused: "It's inconvenient."

    "You dare not? You are not afraid of Xia Yirou, right?" Shu Han said provocatively.

    "You're right, I have a girlfriend now, so I have to maintain a normal social distance from other people, although my girlfriend is understanding and doesn't mind, but I do, big In the evening, Miss Shu, an Omega who is about to hold a wedding banquet, and I, an alpha, are not good enough to get along alone, isn't it?"

    Even though she knew that Jiang Yuchu had become indifferent to her now, Shu Han didn't expect Jiang Yuchu to be so heartless, and still defend Xia Yirou so much.

    "It's okay to make a final decision between us?" Shu Han also tried to keep Jiang Yuchu in vain.

    "We have already made a break, there is no need." Jiang Yuchu said and left.

    "Jiang Yuchu!" Shu Han shouted unwillingly, looking at Jiang Yuchu who was determined to leave.

    "They are girls, are you so cruel?" Xia Yirou rubbed Jiang Yuchu's face and asked carefully.

    "No, maybe my patience and tenderness have been given to my sister, and there is nothing left." She is not the original owner, and has no feelings for Shu Han. It has to be cut clean, so Jiang Yuchu doesn't mind being the bad guy.

    "Beautiful words." Having said that, Xia Yirou was successfully pleased by Jiang Yuchu.

    After taking a bath, Jiang Yuchu turned on the fully charged mobile phone, and she checked the information on the mobile phone: Du Tao called her more than a dozen times, and Shu Han also gave She made several phone calls and sent many text messages. Jiang Yuchu checked the first few text messages sent by Shu Han: "Jiang Yuchu, I regret it, will you come back?"

    "I don't want to marry Chen Qiao!"

    “Can we leave Mi County and live somewhere else?”

    "Jiang Yuchu, please give me another chance, it was my fault before."

    "I'm not happy at all without you."

    "Our relationship is over long ago." Seeing Shu Han's humble tone, Jiang Yuchu couldn't help but reply a text message. Why bother? She believes that lovers need to love themselves first, and there is really no need to treat feelings so humbly, although they have no feelings between them.

    "Tomorrow night, I will wait for you at the same place, see you soon." Shu Han quickly replied to the text message.

    Jiang Yuchu didn't reply, and deleted all the text messages sent by Shu Han. No matter what Shu Han thought, she didn't want to have anything to do with Shu Han at all. She couldn't understand what Shu Han was thinking. The day after tomorrow, she was going to hold a wedding banquet with Chen Qiao. Now she sent her this kind of news. Shu Han really failed the professional household.

    Also, she doesn't understand, does Shu Han really like the original body? Forget it, don't think about it if you don't understand it, it has nothing to do with her anyway. She is going to find Xia Yirou.

    Du Tao had not seen Jiang Zhengnuo for a long time, so she left Jiang Zhengnuo to sleep in her room tonight, which means that Xia Yirou slept alone tonight. Jiang Yuchu tiptoed to the door of Xia Yirou's room holding the quilt and knocked gently on the door.


    "Sister, sister, do you lack a warm quilt?"

    Looking at Jiang Yuchu who wrote all her thoughts on her face, Xia Yirou felt helpless: Jiang Yuchu came over with the quilt, obviously she had already made up her mind, so I asked her to simply go through the motions ?

    "I sleep well." Afraid that Xia Yirou would disagree, Jiang Yuchu added weakly: "And it's so cold outside!"

    Xia Yirou couldn't see Jiang Yuchu being wronged, and finally compromised and let Jiang Yuchu come in and sleep. In fact... She is a little repulsive to let her sleep with Jiang Yuchu. She can't help but associate Jiang Yuchu with the bed, and then think of what happened that night, and her heart will be unstoppable. Fear, fear, Even if she knew that Jiang Yuchu was no longer the original she.

    Xia Yirou knows that these problems need to be overcome. She wants to live with Jiang Yuchu for the rest of her life. These things will be faced by her sooner or later. At that time, she does not want Jiang Yuchu to know: she A mentally ill, unhealthy person.

    Jiang Yuchu slept on the same bed with Xia Yirou as she wished, she didn't make any movement beyond the distance, she really just slept, because in Jiang Yuchu's heart, she just lay on a bed with Xia Yirou The bed is very happy, fragrant, and the quality of sleep can be improved.

    "Good night, sister."

    Xia Yirou originally thought that Jiang Yuchu would entangle her to hug or kiss, but she was mentally prepared, because after she found out that they were together, Jiang Yuchu became extraordinarily clingy , but Jiang Yuchu was surprisingly good tonight, and really just slept on the bed.

    Xia Yirou sighed in relief, but also felt a little lost: "Good night."

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