What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?

Chapter 46


    Morning light quietly poured into the house through the windows and through the curtains, spread it on the bed, and sprinkled it on the two women lying on the bed hugging each other, the picture was beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

    What is what, cover your eyes.

    Jiang Yuchu was in a light sleep, so she woke up when Xia Yirou grabbed her hand. In the middle of the night last night, Xia Yirou began to talk intermittently in her sleep, looking terrified. When Jiang Yuchu was sleeping, she was very sensitive to sounds, so she woke up as soon as Xia Yirou started talking in her sleep.

      Seeing this scene, Jiang Yuchu was very heartbroken. She gently hugged Xia Yirou, who was in a frightened state, and comforted Xia Yirou patiently and gently.

      The glands at the back of the neck consciously release their own pheromones to appease the restless pheromone in the air. The anxiety was eased, and Xia Yirou's emotions were obviously stabilized. She began to rub against a place that would make her feel at ease. Finally, Xia Yirou, who had stabilized her emotions, curled up in Jiang Yuchu's arms and fell asleep, that's why she appeared. The scene in the morning.


    Jiang Yuchu looked at the peaceful sleeping face in his arms, his heart was soft and messy, how could the original owner have the heart to win such a good girl? When she met the original owner, she must take good care of Xia Yirou.

    Jiang Yuchu looked at the time, it was almost time for Xia Yirou to go to work, she helped Xia Yirou cover the sun with her hands, leaned to Xia Yirou's ear, and whispered: " Sister, get up."

    "I'll be late for work."


    Xia Yirou was sleeping soundly when a loud noise suddenly came from her ear, making her sleep restless. After the incident, she was often awakened by a dream in the middle of the night. Xia Yirou shook Jiang Yuchu's hand away, turned over, moved to the other side of the bed, and covered her ears.

    Seeing Xia Yirou's cute appearance, Jiang Yuchu couldn't bear to call Xia Yirou any more. She helped Xia Yirou cover the quilt, pulled the curtain tightly, and then walked out lightly room.

    Jiang Yuchu closed the door, and when she turned around, she accidentally met Du Tao who came out of the room. Jiang Yuchu's mind ran fast and said, "I'll go back to the room to get something."

    "Mmmm." Du Tao was expressionless, answered lightly, and then turned back to the room. As soon as she closed the door, Du Tao couldn't hold back her mouth and laughed: It seems that her family The silly daughter was really with Xia Xia, and Chu Chu finally did the right thing, so she could feel relieved.

    Jiang Yuchu washed up, called Feng Ming to help Xia Yirou to ask for a good leave, sent Jiang Zhengnuo to school, and walked around to buy some snacks before going home. Du Tao went to play mahjong, Jiang Yu went to the store, so there was no one at home, Jiang Yuchu put the things on the table, and opened the door of Xia Yirou's room gently, Xia Yirou was sitting on the bed in a daze, Obviously sleepy, cute and tight.

    "Wake up?" Jiang Yuchu approached Xia Yirou and asked softly.

    "I think... I missed class today, why did I oversleep." Xia Yirou said in a dejected and annoyed manner.

    "It's alright, I've already asked for leave for you." Jiang Yuchu kissed Xia Yirou's forehead and comforted him.

    "Really?" Xia Yirou looked at Jiang Yuchu with anticipation.

    "Of course, I asked Feng Xiaozhu for leave."

    "Feng Xiaozhu and I met through friends." Jiang Yu added that she didn't plan to talk about her going to the school for an interview. The school hadn't notified her for so long. Second try, maybe she was brushed down.


    "Dizzy~" Xia Yi said softly.

    Jiang Yuchu knelt down on the edge of the bed and helped Xia Yirou knead the acupuncture points on her head to relieve Xia Yirou's dizziness. Xia Yirou leaned lazily in Jiang Yuchu's arms and enjoyed Jiang Yuchu's service. The smell on Jiang Yuchu's body made her feel at ease and comfortable.

    In the afternoon, Xia Yirou insisted on going to class, because the students she brought were already in the third year of high school, and it was irresponsible for her to do so. Jiang Yuchu couldn't help Xia Yirou, so he sent Xia Yirou to school.

    "Here, eat when I'm hungry." Jiang Yuchu handed Xia Yirou the snacks he bought in the morning: "Pay attention to rest and don't work too hard."

    "I know." Xia Yirou let go of Jiang Yuchu's hand reluctantly, even though it was a brief separation, she was still very reluctant, she really wanted Jiang Yuchu to be with her all the time.

    Before leaving, Xia Yirou got close to Jiang Yuchu and said, "A farewell kiss."

    Just as Jiang Yuchu was about to go further, Xia Yirou pressed her fingers against her lips: "No."

    Jiang Yuchu looked at Xia Yirou aggrievedly to express his protest.

    "Be obedient, or the next parting kiss will be gone."

    "Okay." Jiang Yuchu said unhappily.

    After sending Xia Yirou off, Jiang Yuchu went to the police station because Hu Chang called and told her that the case had progressed again.

      Qiao had no motive to kill Zhao Gang, and the amount Chen Qiao put in the meal did not cause death. Chen Qiao absconded in fear of crime for many reasons, not necessarily because he killed. Hu Chang thinks that his thinking is obviously narrow, is it possible that someone else did it?

    Hu Chang started the investigation from the neighbors near Zhao Gang's house. He went from house to house and inquired about all the information he could obtain, and then went to talk to Zhao Guifang.


    "Lin You? He is very filial and obedient. He is also very good to Zhao Gang. He takes good care of the children. Zhao Gang has passed away, and he has no plans to remarry."

    "Can I scoop up some of the medicinal wine that Zhao Gang usually drinks and go back to check the ingredients?" Hu Chang asked politely.

    "Okay police officer, Agang is dead, it's useless to keep the wine." Zhao Guifang cried when she said that she was sad.

    "Your condolences." Hu Chang didn't know how to comfort others. Finding the real murderer should be the greatest comfort to Zhao Guifang! Hu often thought.

    Hu Chang got the medicinal liquor and went back to the police station to hand it over to the professionals.

    When Hu Chang saw the composition analysis of the medicinal wine, Hu Chang was relieved, and it really was like this: Zhao Gang drank medicinal wine that day, and then ingested a non-lethal dose of food. The lethal dose was what caused Zhao Gang's death. And when he was walking around the streets to investigate Zhao Gang's information, he accidentally learned one thing, that Lin You had a lover outside. So this case could be a murder. It is very likely that the murderer is Lin You and his lover. Now that the physical evidence is there, only the witnesses are left.

    Hu Chang immediately dispatched the police to arrest Lin You. Coincidentally, when they found Lin You, Lin You was doing dirty things with his lover. Hu Chang came without effort. Arrested both of them. He interrogated Lin You and Ma Wenjie separately. Hu Chang first interrogated Ma Wenjie, but Ma Wenjie refused to accept Hu Chang's testimony. Hu Chang has no choice. If Ma Wenjie does not admit it and Lin You does not identify Ma Wenjie, Ma Wenjie will have nothing to do with this case, and Lin You at most caused the death by negligence.

    But Hu Chang doesn't think it's just a simple negligent injury. He believes that the murderer in this case is Ma Wenjie. Does Lin have any motive to kill Zhao Gang? Lin Youde relies on Zhao Gang to provide a source of life, and Zhao Gang died , do all the harm and no benefit to the forest, oh! Also, if Zhao Gang died, Lin You could be with Ma Wenjie upright, but this possibility is very small.

    There is another possibility that Ma Wenjie planned all this, Lin You was used by Ma Wenjie without knowing it, and Ma Wenjie had a motive for committing the crime: money, he lived by Lin You providing money, As long as Zhao Gang is dead, Lin You can get the money, which indirectly means that he can get the money, of course, under the premise that Ma Wenjie can live with Lin You. The above are all his conjectures. The specific situation will only be clarified after interrogating Lin You.

    Lin You was obviously not as calm as Ma Wenjie, he was very flustered and frightened, and Hu Chang's slight deceit made Lin You's brain shake out of fear: It's all Ma Wenjie, he asked me to give Zhao Gang a drink He also asked me to tell Zhao Gang to go to Jiangweiju for the medicinal wine. He also told me not to say anything, police officer, I really did not harm anyone.

    "You killed Zhao Gang, right?" Hu Chang stared sharply at Ma Wenjie and asked in a tough tone.

    "Officer, Zhao Gang and I don't have any grudges, what am I doing to him?" Ma Wenjie looked condescending.

    "You want money. Lin You has already given you out. It's the medicinal wine you provided, and Chen Kang is also your order, right?"

    "Officer, is what Lin You said must be right? I can also say that Lin You killed someone, and I don't know Chen Kang well, why did he listen to me and kill people. "

    "Because Chen Kang didn't even know that what you gave would cause death!"

    "Hahaha, police officer, do you have any evidence? This is just your conjecture. If you have time, you might as well catch Chen Kang earlier." anxious and scared.

    "Ma Wenjie, do you think you can get rid of it? The legal network is full of ignorance." Hu Chang left the interrogation room after leaving these words, and turned to contact Jiang Yuchu.


    "So, Ma Wenjie is the murderer?" To be honest, this result really surprised Jiang Yuchu. Then why did Feng Zhenzhen insist that it was Chen Kang who killed him? Could it be that Feng Zhenzhen also doesn't know?

    "Ninety percent yes, now we just have to wait for Chen Kang to be arrested."

    "Isn't Chen Kang's arrest progressing yet?"

    "Well, Chen Kang is very cunning. By the time we found his trace, he would have disappeared without a trace. We suspect that someone is helping him."

    Is it the same person who exposed her in the newspaper? How on earth did she offend people, as to hate her so much? Jiang Yu thought at first.

    Goodbye to Hu Chang, Jiang Yuchu went to pick up Xia Yirou from get off work and Jiang Zhengnuo from school as usual. The three of them are holding hands, and the picture is very warm.

    "Mom, Yueyue is so pitiful!" Jiang Zhengnuo said listlessly.

    "What's wrong?"

    " Yueyue said that her grandmother has been making fire with her and her mother recently, and that Yueyue is a wild species, so they both get out of the house, Yueyue said that she can't come in the future Go to school, Mom, Aunt Jiang, can we help them? They are really pitiful."

    "Of course, Zheng Nuo is a good boy and has learned to think about others, so leave this to Aunt Jiang, okay?" She didn't think about it, she didn't expect Feng Zhenzhen to The situation will be so difficult after she tells the truth. Although she is not a good person, she will definitely not ignore this matter because of her. Jiang Yu thought at first.

    "Yeah! Aunt Jiang is the best." Jiang Zhengnuo said happily. Jiang Yuchu looked at Shang Xia with a soft look, smiled and joked, "Do you like me more?"

    "I have always liked you." Xia Yirou's tone was gentle and doting.

    This sentence completely exceeded Jiang Yuchu's expectations. Xia Yirou said Jiang Yuchu was embarrassed. Jiang Yuchu is weak when encountering strong, and strong when encountering weak. Of course, the premise of this principle operating is the other party It's Xia Yirou.

    "I like you too."

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