What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?

Chapter 67


    Jiang Zhengnuo has been waiting for Xia Yirou at the school gate for nearly an hour. She also borrowed her mobile phone from the teacher to call Xia Yirou, but no one answered, and then she called Jiang Yuchu again , is also unanswered.

    No way, Jiang Zhengnuo finally had to call Luo Xixi. She first told how pitiful she was. After waiting in the cold wind for an hour, no one came to pick her up.

    Luo Xixi dropped her work immediately to pick up Jiang Zhengnuo in distress. She called Xia Yirou several times, but no one answered. So Luo Xixi took Jiang Zhengnuo to her office, bought snacks for Jiang Zhengnuo, and asked her to sit next to her and play by herself, because she still had to work.


    As for the two people who lost contact, they are lying on the bed at the moment, hugging each other and sleeping sweetly. The phone ringing or something was automatically blocked by them.

    Jiang Yuchu slept for a while last night. In addition to exercising too much, and smelling Xia Yirou's pheromone, she was very relieved, so she slept more deeply, not to mention Xia Yirou , the recipient will be more fatigued than the force.

      She rested her head with her hands, found a comfortable position, and stared at Xia Yirou's face with focus and love.

    Jiang Yuchu reached out and touched Xia Yirou's face with pity, Xia Yirou frowned in discomfort, and hummed into Jiang Yuchu's arms.

    "Are you hungry?" Jiang Yuchu asked while harassing Xia Yirou.

    Xia Yirou buried her whole face in Jiang Yuchu's arms, trying to isolate Jiang Yuchu's harassment.

    Jiang Yuchu smiled dotingly, no more trouble with Xia Yirou, and got up first. She turned on her phone and checked the time. At six o'clock in the evening, there were still several missed calls from Jiang Zhengnuo.

    Xia Yirou seemed to have said that Jiang Zhengnuo was coming back today, so she quickly called back and Jiang Zhengnuo picked it up soon.

    "Hello~ Aunt Jiang." Jiang Zhengnuo's tone was extremely aggrieved. If her mother didn't come to pick her up, she would be 'homeless'. Jiang Yuchu's phone call was like a savior.

    "I'm sorry, Zheng Nuo, Auntie didn't hear the bell, are you still at school?"

    "I'm here with Aunt Luo, is Aunt Jiang coming to pick me up?"

    "Well, mom is a little sick, so I'll pick you up."

    "What's wrong with mom?" Jiang Zhengnuo said in a worried tone.

    "It's okay, I have a fever, and the fever has subsided."

    "That's good, Aunt Jiang, come and pick me up."

    "Okay, I'll be right there."

    Jiang Yuchu put on his clothes, then walked to the bedside, bent down and kissed Xia Yirou, and said, "Sister, I'll pick up Zhengnuo first, and you can sleep for a while." The tone was soft.

    "Hmm~" Xia Yirou replied vaguely. She was so tired that she could only hear voices saying something.

    After getting into the car, Jiang Yuchu found out that she didn't know where Jiang Zhengnuo was? So I called Jiang Zhengnuo again, asked for the address, and drove there.

    Not long after Jiang Yuchu left, Xia Yirou also woke up. Without Jiang Yuchu by her side, she felt uneasy sleeping.

    The first thing Xia Yirou did when she woke up was to call Jiang Yuchu and ask where she went.

    "Hey~ where have you been?" The tone was soft and coquettish.

    "I'm going to pick up Zhengnuo, are you hungry? Wait for me, I'll be back soon and bring you something delicious." Jiang Yuchu's tone was doting, his eyebrows curved when he spoke.

    "Well, be careful on the road."

    "Okay, my wife." Jiang Yuchu said the last four words in a low voice. If Xia Yirou didn't pay attention, she might not be able to hear it.

    'Pa' Xia Yirou hung up the phone, her face was instantly flushed, and some pictures seemed to be pressed and played in her mind one after another.

     But he did not deny Jiang Yuchu's title.

    Xia Yirou almost fell because her legs were weak when she got out of bed, and her embarrassment peaked when she saw the mess in the bathroom.

    Bastard Jiang Yuchu!

    Jiang Yuchu took over Jiang Zhengnuo from Luo Xixi, so the process was a little sad.

    After all, Luo Xixi's hostility to her is not ordinary.

    Jiang Zhengnuo hadn't seen Jiang Yuchu for a long time, so he kept talking as soon as he saw Jiang Yuchu.

    "Aunt Jiang, what's wrong with your neck? There are so many red lumps."

    Jiang Yuchu glanced at the rear-view mirror at will, paused, then looked again in disbelief, she forgot to look in the mirror when she came out just now.

    Jiang Yu scratched with pretentiousness, and said seriously: "It should be a mosquito bite."

    "That should be a poisonous mosquito."

    "Only a poisonous mosquito would bite so hard."

    "Cough cough... um yes." Jiang Yuchu 'agrees'.

    On the way back, Jiang Yuchu bought a lot of food in large and small bags, and then took them home with Jiang Zhengnuo.

    Jiang Zhengnuo ran in as soon as the door opened to find Xia Yirou, who was sitting on the sofa reading a book.

    "Mom, are you feeling better?"

    "It's okay, I'm sorry Zheng Nuo, mom today..."

    "It's okay, Mom, Aunt Jiang is here to pick me up."

    Xia Yirou is smarter than Jiang Yuchu. Although the high collar she wears seems a little out of place in this season, Jiang Zhengnuo didn't ask, because Xia Yirou has a fever, so it's normal to wear more.

    "Mom, did you spray perfume in the living room?"


    "It's so fragrant, um... osmanthus, freesia, and... sweet lychee."

    "It's dinner."

    Xia Yirou didn't know how to answer Jiang Zhengnuo's question, but Jiang Yuchu successfully rescued her.

    "Yeah! It's dinner, Mom, Aunt Jiang bought a lot of delicious food." Jiang Zhengnuo happily took Xia Yirou to the dining table.

    During the meal, Jiang Yuchu always served Xia Yirou with dishes, and of course occasionally served Jiang Zhengnuo.

    Jiang Zhengnuo looked at Xia Yirou and then at Jiang Yuchu. Could it be that she will be able to call Aunt Jiang soon?

    She will soon have a little sister to play with her.

    Yeah! It's really cool to have a sister.

    Jiang Zhengnuo knew for a long time that Jiang Yuchu was her other mother, so she was happy to see that the relationship between the two mothers had progressed substantially.

    "Mom, I want to go to Grandma's place tomorrow, I miss Grandma, can I?"

    "Okay, of course."

    "Thank you mom." Jiang Zhengnuo winked playfully at Jiang Yuchu.

    Jiang Yuchu did the same to respond to Jiang Zhengnuo.

    Jiang Yuchu and Xia Yirou take time to travel every week. They have been to many places within half a year.

    As for the resistance of some extreme alphas to the industries under Jiang Yuchu's name that still exists, it cannot be completely avoided for a while, just like the status of Omega, it cannot be improved in a short period of time, which requires time and effort.

    Jiang Yuchu would also help Xia Yirou with some organizational matters when she was very busy. Most of the time, she provided financial assistance, because Wen Wenxue had to do a lot of work, and Wen Wenxue was very expensive. Wen Xue still had to fight with Mrs. Meng, and she was very tight in terms of funds.

    With Xia Yirou and Jiang Zhengnuo, Jiang Yuchu was more motivated to work. Although he lost almost all alpha customers, he ushered in more Omegas and betas. The gains outweighed the losses, according to the number of people Say, alphas are a minority. But Jiang Yuchu didn't care about that.

    She has also developed business in other fields. Anyway, she has been busy and happy for the past six months. Even if there are some annoying people or things occasionally, like Chen Qiao who occasionally jumps and Feng Zhenzhen who deliberately finds fault, but it is not enough to affect her life.

    The relationship between Jiang Yuchu and Xia Yirou has grown by leaps and bounds, and their daily relationship is sticky. According to Jiang Zhengnuo, when mother and mother are together, there are pink bubbles around.

    Jiang Zhengnuo had already changed her name to Jiang Yuchu as mommy.

    "Mommy, hurry up, Aunt Luo called to urge you."

    "Got it."

    Jiang Yuchu now lives with Xia Yirou and the others, and today they are going to the wedding of Luo Xixi and Li Siruo.

    The two finally decided to end the long-distance love run and enter the palace of marriage.

    When the bride threw the bouquet, Xia Yirou received the bouquet.

    Luo Xixi burst into tears, threatening Jiang Yuchu. If Jiang Yuchu treats Xia Yirou badly in the future, she will die with Jiang Yuchu.

    In the past six months, Luo Xixi has seen Xia Yirou's condition getting better and better, with a smile on her face, she looks like a happy woman who is in a sweet love.

    What else can Luo Xixi say, as long as Jiang Yuchu treats Xia Yirou well, Xia Yirou will be happy.

    "When are you going to propose?"

    "I'm getting ready." Jiang Yuchu's eyes followed Xia Yirou all the time, occasionally the two looked at each other and smiled, taking time to return to Wen Wenxue's words.

    "Good luck with your proposal."

    "Thank you, and I wish you a good match soon."

    Wen Wenxue and Yuan Yunqian broke up, not because they were both Omegas. After learning Wen Wenxue's true identity, Yuan Yunqian became more and more insecure, always complaining that Wen Wenxue only had work in her eyes. Wen Wenxue likes Yuan Yunqian, but... She values ​​her career more, and Yuan Yunqian lost her last liking, so Wen Wenxue proposed to break up.

    Maybe she can only live this life alone. Wen Wenxue thought to herself.

    Xia Yirou drank some wine at the banquet, but she was good at drinking, but she was only slightly drunk. She sat in the co-pilot and kept staring at the bouquet.

    "Do you like this bouquet so much?"

    "Well, it's beautiful."

    "Huh? This isn't the way home, right?" This way doesn't seem right.

    "Yes, send Zheng Nuo to my mother first."

    When waiting for the traffic light, Jiang Yuchu approached Xia Yirou and whispered in her ear: "I will take you to see the meteor tonight, didn't you say you want to see it? It's just me and you."

    "Really?" Xia Yirou was overjoyed. She didn't expect that she just casually said something to Jiang Yuchu, and Jiang Yuchu remembered it.

    Jiang Zhengnuo was abandoned by unscrupulous mothers without knowing it. If Jiang Zhengnuo found out, he would have been able to accept it peacefully. After all, it was not the first time... She didn't mind and Willing to make light bulbs, but mothers don't give her a chance.

    There are many little stars in the night sky, very beautiful. Jiang Yuchu put the jacket he had prepared on Xia Yirou's body, fearing that Xia Yirou would freeze and the wind would be quite strong at night.

    "Are you sleepy? Sleep for a while, and I'll call you when the meteor comes." The reporting time has passed, and the meteor has not come yet.

    "No, I want to see it as soon as possible." Xia Yirou was firm.

    After about an hour delay, the meteor finally arrived.

    "Look, Meteor!" Xia Yirou stood up excitedly.

    "Make a wish!"

    Xia Yirou closed her eyes immediately and made a sincere wish. And Jiang Yuchu looked at Xia Yirou affectionately and obsessively.

    "What wish did you make?" Xia Yirou opened her eyes and asked Jiang Yuchu curiously.

    "Kiss me and I'll tell you."

    Now this kind of little kiss is a small case for Xia Yirou.

    "Okay, let's talk." Xia Yirou waited expectantly for Jiang Yuchu to express her wish.

    "My wish is..."

    "Wait, aren't you afraid that you won't be able to achieve it?" Xia Yirou interrupted, thinking about Jiang Yuchu's words again, but afraid that it wouldn't work if she said it.

    "Don't be afraid, because I believe this wish will definitely be fulfilled."

    "Because my wish was..."

    "I hope Xia Yirou can agree to my proposal." Jiang Yuchu did not know where to conjure the ring, knelt down on one knee, and proposed to Xia Yirou.

    Xia Yirou was completely stunned. She had imagined the scene where Jiang Yuchu proposed to her or she proposed to Jiang Yuchu, but she didn't expect this day to come so suddenly and unexpectedly. So she was completely stunned, tears in her eyes.


    "I'm willing! I'm very willing." After Xia Yirou reacted, she immediately pulled Jiang Yuchu up, the ground was very cold.

    Jiang Yuchu put a ring on Xia Yirou with a smile, and the two kissed under the night sky.

    My wish is to be with you forever and ever.

    Meteor crosses the sky, it is short and fleeting, the love between the two is as beautiful as a shooting star, but not short, they will always be by each other's side until the end of their lives.

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