What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?

Chapter 69


    Jiang Yuchu has been irritable these days. She is furious at the unscrupulous hospital. She has already had gland surgery, which can lead to Xia Yirou's pregnancy. Then she went to the hospital to explain, The hospital readily admitted its mistake, apologized and promised compensation. They explained that there are very few alphas for gland surgery, usually Omegas do the ligation, so the alpha's gland ligation technology is not mature, which leads to mistakes.

    However, does she want an apology and compensation? Because of the hospital's mistake, a life was lost. Jiang Yuchu took the hospital to court in a fit of anger.

      The impact is also very bad.

    Jiang Yuchu was really angry, and his lungs were about to explode.

    Xia Yirou has a completely different mood from Jiang Yuchu. She proposed to have a child shortly after marrying Jiang Yuchu, but Jiang Yuchu ruthlessly rejected it. The hospital performed gland surgery, and only notified her after the surgery. She was so angry that she didn't speak to Jiang Yuchu for a month.

    Now she is suddenly pregnant, Xia Yirou is very happy about this unexpected joy.

    She is looking forward to the arrival of this little life. A few days ago, she dreamed that the little baby appeared in her dream and called her mother sweetly. The version of Jiang Yuchu made Xia Yirou look forward to the arrival of the little baby in her belly.

    After weighing the pros and cons, Jiang Yuchu preferred to abort the child, but this had to be agreed by Xia Yirou first, she could not make a decision for her without asking Xia Yirou.

    "Why?" Xia Yirou's tears came as soon as she said it, she never thought about Jiang Yuchu not expecting this child, and wanted to abort the child, so after listening to Jiang Yuchu's words, she was shocked I don't understand, sadness comes from joy.

    "You don't want our children?" Xia Yirou's voice was choked, her heart suffocated.

    "No, sister, we have to consider practical factors. Sister is already an advanced mother, and it is very dangerous. I don't want my sister to take unnecessary risks for this child who has not yet formed." Jiang Yuchu was a little anxious. Yes, it's a bit heavy to say.

    Xia Yirou heard Jiang Yuchu say this about the child she was thinking of, and the tears flowed straight out of her heart. She hated Jiang Yuchu.

    "You despise my age? You despise the baby in my womb."


    "Okay, then I'll go. You go to the young and beautiful girl. I will live my life and raise this child alone."

    "I will tell the baby in the future how bad her mother is and she doesn't want her." Xia Yirou stood up without saying a word, wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes with the back of her hands, and cleaned up luggage.

    "No, sister... Let's talk about it if we have something to say." Jiang Yuchu panicked when he saw that Xia Yirou was really coming.

    "Don't touch me, we'll go to divorce tomorrow, and we'll have our own way."

    Why are you talking about divorce?

    Xia Yirou simply packed up and went out. Jiang Yuchu followed Xia Yirou and said all the good things, but Xia Yirou had already made up her mind not to care about Jiang Yuchu.

    "Don't follow me!" Xia Yi said with a soft face, her eyes were red from crying, and she pretended to be fierce, which made Jiang Yuchu feel pity and love.

    Jiang Yuchu kept a distance from Xia Yirou and followed behind Xia Yirou.

    After Xia Yirou got rid of Jiang Yuchu, she picked up her mobile phone and called Du Tao, crying to Du Tao how much Jiang Yuchu went too far.

    Xia Yirou felt an unprecedented maternal love in Du Tao, and her relationship with Du Tao's mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has always been harmonious, so she informed Du Tao at the first time. Du Tao originally liked Xia Yirou, but now that she heard that she was pregnant, Jiang Yuchu even bullied people and cried, so she rushed over and took Xia Yirou home.

    Later, Jiang Zhengnuo also went to live with Du Tao. She was alone at home. She was isolated by the whole family. Not only that, Xia Yirou didn't want to see her.

    Xia Yirou is determined to want this child, Jiang Yuchu can only compromise, otherwise his wife will be gone. She bowed to Xia Yirou, apologized to her, and promised that she would never mention the aborting of the child again. Xia Yirou was willing to take care of her, but she was unwilling to go home, so Jiang Yuchu also moved to Du Tao's house.

    Since this child is destined to stay, Jiang Yuchu can only try her best to minimize the danger, she began to frantically read related books, learn the matters needing attention during pregnancy, did not go to work, concentrated on staying in Take care of Xia Yirou at home.

    Xia Yirou often feels nausea and vomiting after pregnancy, and her appetite decreases. She and Du Tao change the pattern for Xia Yirou to eat every day, mostly appetizing food and fruits.

    After Xia Yirou became pregnant, her taste also changed, and she liked spicy and sweet. The problem is that the intake of these during pregnancy can only be moderate, not too much. Jiang Yuchu and Xia Yirou battle wits and courage every day , You can't tell Xia Yirou directly, you can't eat it, or if you don't eat it, Xia Yirou will cry and show you, and be reasonable? It's useless, she doesn't listen at all, Xia Yirou during pregnancy is the truth, so Jiang Yuchu has to satisfy Xia Yirou and ensure her health. The most important thing is not to make Xia Yirou angry, and finally this request I raised the difficulty to **** mode, um...because Xia Yirou really likes to be angry and cry during pregnancy, and then, during pregnancy, you have to make sure that the pregnant woman is in a good mood, so Jiang Yuchu tries her best to make Xia Yirou laugh every day .

    During this period, Jiang Yuchu met Xia Yirou, who was completely different. Although it was a bit challenging, it was still very interesting, painful and happy.

    Jiang Yuchu regularly takes Xia Yirou to the hospital for an obstetric examination, which is another challenge for Jiang Yuchu. Xia Yirou doesn't like going to the hospital, and every time she goes to the hospital, Jiang Yuchu has to coax her for a long time.

    Also, Xia Yirou developed anxiety about her appearance and body during pregnancy, what should she do if she was afraid that Jiang Yuchu would not like her? Now I am fat and ugly, like a round snowball.

     To be close.

    However, this incident reminded Jiang Yuchu of the importance of nursing during pregnancy, paving the way for Xia Yirou to recover quickly after childbirth.

    Also, what impresses Jiang Yuchu most is that Xia Yirou's pregnancy has resulted in the enhancement of various hormones in her body, which makes her particularly eager for sports-related emotional exchanges, but pregnant women are extremely attractive, This made Jiang Yuchu completely unable to resist Xia Yirou's seduction | seduction, but Jiang Yuchu was afraid that he would hurt the child in Xia Yirou's belly. Getting angry, Xia Yirou is in the middle of her pregnancy, and herbal tea is always available at home.

    When the due date was approaching, Jiang Yuchu arranged Xia Yirou into the hospital. She couldn't sleep well these days and suffered from frequent insomnia. As for Xia Yirou's birth, she I was scared inside.

    Xia Yirou started it in the middle of the night. Thanks to Jiang Yuchu's low-quality sleep, she discovered it right away and ran to the doctor immediately.

    Because her family couldn't accompany the delivery, Jiang Yuchu could only wait anxiously at the door of the delivery room, but no matter how anxious she was, she did not forget to tell the doctor that she must protect her child, and was severely criticized by Ms. Du Tao.

    "Speak nonsense, God bless, it must be mother and daughter safe, hurry up."

    "Bah ah ah." Yes, it must be mother and daughter safe.

    The delivery room was not soundproof at all, Jiang Yuchu could clearly hear Xia Yirou's hysterical voice in the delivery room, and his heart was pulled together. Jiang Yuchu couldn't take it anymore, and secretly ran to crying in the corner.

    Xia Yirou's birth went very smoothly, probably thanks to the advanced Omega's body structure, the mother and daughter are safe.

    When Jiang Yuchu saw Xia Yirou's haggard appearance, she cried again. She took Xia Yirou's hand and cried and said, "woowoo, sister...I'm sorry."

    "Fool, why are you apologizing? Where's the baby? Let me see?" Xia Yirou said weakly, but her voice was very gentle.

    Jiang Yuchu took the child over and handed it to Xia Yirou, she glanced at the child, um... how do you say it? Looks very distinctive. Then she saw Xia Yirou holding the baby and said how cute the baby is, who is like who, who is like, and who is full of maternal Guan Hui.

    Jiang Yuchu was very unhappy. After the little guy was born, she felt that Xia Yirou didn't love her as much as before. Xia Yirou almost always accompanied the little guy and Jiang Zhengnuo. It was pitiful when it was given to her, so she saw this little guy more and more unpleasantly.

    Until later, the little guy became more and more like Xia Yirou as he got older, and he was so cute.

    Loving the house and Wu, Jiang Yuchu's maternal love was completely released, and the love for the little guy reached its peak.

    She couldn't help but wonder if Xia Yirou was like this when she was a child?

    The little guy is very double standard. He is obedient in front of his mother and sister. Once he is in front of her, he will make a lot of noise and be naughty.

    If the little guy makes a mistake, he will stare at you innocently, so that you really can't blame her, he is a good player in pretending to be good.

    After having a child, Jiang Yuchu and Xia Yirou had almost no two worlds. Jiang Yuchu always thought of ways to stick with Xia Yirou, and was often disturbed and destroyed by the little guy, which made Jiang Yuchu extremely depressed .

    The little guy is very sticky to Xia Yirou, and often has to look for his mother. Sometimes Jiang Yuchu has to keep the empty room alone. But what pleased her was that Xia Yirou would compensate her every time, so she could reluctantly forgive Xia Yirou.

    After the children are older, they can take time off and spend time in the two-person world.

    Time is really a strange thing, Zheng Nuo is almost an adult in the blink of an eye, and the little guy is five years old, smart and lovable.

    It's great, she is still by Xia Yirou's side, and Xia Yirou's side is still her, and she will always be there in the future.

    Take the hand of the son, and grow old with the son.

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    Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard!

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