What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?

Chapter 70


    "Yesterday, the 13th National Congress passed the "Alpha, Omega, Beta Personality Equality Regulations", the three second genders enjoy the same rights, obligations and social status, men and women and the second gender All are equal, which symbolizes another substantial step forward in the times..."

    Miss Beta in the TV news network broadcasted the recent major events earnestly, and then a girl cheered excitedly from the room.

    "Yeah! Mom, the bill has finally passed, and you've made it!"

    "I'm going to make a phone call and talk to Mommy, it's so worth celebrating." The person who spoke was the little guy back then, Xia Weiyi, who is now slim and tall, a big girl.

    Xia Weiyi is eighteen years old this year, and he looks very much like Xia Yirou. If you have to say where he resembles Jiang Yuchu, it is the eyes. Xia Weiyi is a gentle and well-behaved child. The two daughters of the Jiang family are very worry-free, well-behaved and sensible, but they are also lively and cheerful in front of the family.

    Jiang Qingxia differentiated into alpha, which was within Jiang Yuchu's expectations, but her obedient and soft second daughter also differentiated into alpha, she was really shocked, most people saw Xia Wei's first reaction would have thought she was an Omega.

    Jiang Qingxia has already set up her own family, and now she has a lovely daughter, who is five years old, and may be negative. This child is very naughty.

    Time flies so fast, Jiang Yuchu and Xia Yirou are both grandmothers.

    Xia Weiyi still lives with Jiang Yuchu and the others, and is still studying.

    Jiang Yuchu went to pick up her granddaughter from school, and most of the youngest granddaughter Jiang Yuanyuan was led by Jiang Yuchu and Xia Yirou. Jiang Qingxia is a complete wife slave, for fear that her daughter will steal her from her, and she and his wife are very busy, so she directly threw the child to Jiang Yuchu and the others to take care of them, and came to see them several times a month.

    Jiang Qingxia could never have imagined that she would marry Aunt Wen's daughter, the sister who didn't seem to like her, to marry and have children. Then again, she only now knew that her sister didn't dislike her, but Tsundere is tight, obviously likes her, but pretends to hate her. However, they have achieved a positive result, and everything else doesn't matter.

    Jiang Yuchu and Xia Yirou have both retired early to take care of their children at home. Jiang Yuchu's business is all taken care of by Jiang Qingxia. Xia Weiyi doesn't like commercial things. I want to work in the art industry.

    "Grandma~grandmother~" Jiang Yuanyuan called to find Xia Yirou as soon as she got home. Except for Jiang Qingxia, who was always sticking to Jiang Yuchu, the other children were especially sticky to Xia Yirou.

    "Yuanyuan is out of school!" Xia Yirou smiled lovingly. Although time has left traces on Xia Yirou's face, the temperament and charm of Xia Yirou's body is not possessed by young people. The feeling of quiet time is more and more charming.

    Jiang Yuanyuan climbed onto Xia Yirou and began to chat with Xia Yirou about what happened in the school today in a tender little milk voice.

    After speaking, I went to Xia Weiyi.

    "Auntie, hug~" At home, apart from her mother, Jiang Yuanyuan's second favorite is Xia Weiyi.

    Xia Weiyi hugged Jiang Yuanyuan and deliberately teased her: "Oh, Xiao Yuanyuan is heavy again, I think Xiao Yuanyuan should be called Xiao Yuanyuan."

    Although Jiang Yuanyuan is only five years old, she pays great attention to her appearance and figure. Xia Weiyi's words can be regarded as stepping on the tail of a little tiger.

    "That's not it! Yuanyuan is Yuanyuan, not Yuanyuan." Jiang Yuanyuan said angrily, thinking that she was fierce.

    "Okay, the edge is the most round."

    "Hey, my aunt is the most round, and I don't want to play with my aunt! My aunt is a bad aunt! Grandma! My aunt bullies me." Reminds me of my granddaughter.

    Jiang Yuchu took over the "third-hand goods", held Jiang Yuanyuan upside down, and sincerely commented: "Well, I seem to have gained weight recently."

    Jiang Yuanyuan was angry, her small eyes turned and she suddenly thought of something, her eyes lit up, she ran to Xia Yirou and blatantly complained.

     "Grandma, a few days ago, Grandma Jiang met a beautiful grandma on the way to get married, and they also exchanged contact information."

    "Hey, little guy, don't talk nonsense." Jiang Yuchu said with a bluff, and at the same time pointed at Xia Yirou with a guilty conscience.

      What **** did she pull.

    "Really? Yuanyuan is awesome. Come, grandma will reward Yuanyuan with delicious food."

    "No, children are talking nonsense!"

    Xia Yirou looked at Jiang Yuchu with a half-smile but not a smile, and said, "Are you lying about what you know in your heart?" Then Xia Yirou didn't speak to Jiang Yuchu again.

    When Jiang Yuchu wanted to enter the room to wash and sleep at night, he found that the door was locked from the inside.

    Jiang Yuchu didn't make Xia Yirou angry for a long time, so he relaxed his vigilance for a while and didn't worry about the incident just now, which turned into a catastrophe.

    "Sister, sister, I was wrong, I shouldn't lie, you let me in, the sofa hurts so much, you see I'm old." Jiang Yuchu was outside the door Begging in a low voice, Xia Yirou in the room lay leisurely on the bed, browsing books and listening to music, ignoring Jiang Yuchu.

    Jiang Yuchu asked for a long time, but got no response.

    "Mommy, what are you doing?"

    The voice of Xia Weiyi behind him made Jiang Yuchu straighten up immediately, put his hand on the doorknob quickly, pretended to have just come out, and pretended to say: "There are still some things to deal with, don't disturb your mother's sleep, I'm going to go to the study and sleep in the study after I'm done."

    "But... Mommy, the quilt in the study was just taken by Mom to wash?"

    "Mommy, you won't be kicked out by your mother again?" Xia Weiyi said sarcastically. She remembered that as long as Mommy made a mistake in the past, she would lose the opportunity to enter the bedroom to sleep. She hadn't seen Mommy kicked out of the bedroom for a long time, and it was very strange to see it today.

    "How is it possible! Your mother loves me so much, I want to sleep outside myself, well, go back to your room, it's getting late, go and rest."

    "Oh, okay." Xia Weiyi gave Jiang Yuchu face very much, and believed it with cooperation.

    "Then... come on, Mommy!"

    Jiang Yuchu accepted his fate and went to sleep on the sofa. This sofa was really uncomfortable. Jiang Yuchu had a sore back the next day. He was really old. sore.

    In the next three days, Jiang Yuchu wanted to ask Xia Yirou to explain, but Xia Yirou didn't give her a chance at all. On the fourth day, Jiang Yuchu finally got the chance.

    A more accurate description is that Xia Yirou gave her a chance to explain.

    "Sister, it's really not what Yuanyuan said. You know that person too. It's Shu Han. I didn't respond when she called me."

    "And I thought, Shu Han has no intersection with our lives, and will not meet in the future, plus I really don't remember, I swear."

    "She and I exchanged contact information because of Chen Qiao."

    Speaking of Chen Qiao, Xia Yirou's complexion changed, and she pursed her lips in resistance.

    "Why did Shu Han come back?" Didn't she say she would never come back?

    "Listen to her, her mother died of illness a few days ago, so she came back to help her mother hold the funeral."

    "She asked me about Chen Qiao, and I told her the truth. She said that she was not free these days and wanted to visit Chen Qiao's cemetery in a few days. We didn’t know the city well, so we exchanged contact information.”

    "And the day she called me, I didn't go, I called the assistant."

    "I was thinking about telling you, but I forgot. I am old and have a bad memory for irrelevant people." Jiang Yuchu observed Xia Yirou's face like walking on thin ice. Seeing Xia Yirou's complexion gradually softening, she breathed a sigh of relief.

    "She's a poor person too."

    "I know, but my heart is very small, I only care about my sister alone!"

    "Sister~ I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hide it from you, please forgive me!"


    "Yes, yes, it's only in front of my sister. My sister says I'm an old urchin. I'm my sister's old urchin." Jiang Yuchu hugged Xia Yirou and kissed while talking. she.

    "So...sister, can I sleep in bed tonight?"

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