What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?

Chapter 71 Extra

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      The child could not be left behind, not to mention that this child belonged to Chen Qiao, and she had it against her will. She didn't like this child, or even hated it.

    Shu Han made an appointment at a small clinic and wanted to have an abortion, but on the day she was going to have an abortion, the small clinic was closed, and she had no money to go to the hospital for surgery, and she could not take medicine without permission Play | Tire. In the end, the child in Shu Han's belly was saved.

    She thought she would hate this child, but when she saw the baby, she couldn't hate it at all, it was born in October, she had feelings for the baby, And the baby is pink and tender and very cute.

    She has done a variety of jobs, and by chance, she started a business, and the bigger and bigger she is, the more money she makes.

    But she is still raising her children alone, she has also met those who pursued her, and those who are attracted to her, but she will not marry again.

    She has met enough good people, and has been loved by them, and it is difficult for her to be moved.

    For her, it is good to have a baby with her.

    Time flies by, her children have grown up and have formed their own family, and she occasionally visits her granddaughter.

    She received a call from Mi County, thinking that the money to take care of her mother was not enough, but when she heard the news of her mother's death, she became a grandmother, didn't she?

    She returned to her hometown again, and things were different. She went to Ning City first. She was selfish. I heard that Jiang Yuchu and Xia Yirou were together, and they lived well.

    I didn't expect her to meet Jiang Yuchu! She recognized Jiang Yuchu at a glance.

    Jiang Yuchu was holding a small schoolbag in one hand and a little girl in the other. The little girl was lively, cute and lovable.

    She stepped forward to say hello, but... Jiang Yuchu doesn't seem to know her anymore.

    Chen Qiao has passed away? Using the excuse of wanting to worship Chen Qiao, she exchanged contact information with Jiang Yuchu.

    When she heard the news of Chen Qiao's death, her heart was a little blocked. For Chen Qiao, she didn't know what her feelings for him were, maybe because he was the father of the child, or maybe he once Being nice to her makes it a little sad.

    On the day she paid her respects to Chen Qiao, she called Jiang Yuchu, and finally Jiang Yuchu's assistant came.

    Yes, she was relieved to see Jiang Yuchu again.

    Today, Chen Qiao's tombstone has a bunch of red roses, which was his favorite flower for Shu Han during his lifetime.

    Wen Wenxue has contributed to the cause of equal rights all her life, only after marrying Meng Li, she gave up briefly because of Mrs. Meng Meng Fuqing.

    She couldn't become a woman with three obedience and four virtues, a wife and a daughter. In the process, her love for Meng Li gradually disappeared, and finally her feelings for Meng Li completely dissipated.

    She filed for divorce.

    Meng Li doesn't seem to know her at all, and has been trying to keep her. Meng Li never knew what she wanted, which strengthened her determination to divorce.

    She chose to pursue a career.

    With her hard work, her career is quite handy. She met a former student, Xia Yirou, and she took Xia Yirou to engage in the cause of equal rights.

    When her career started gradually, she met Yuan Yunqian. Although they were both Omegas, it did not prevent them from meeting and falling in love.

    When she met Jiang Yuchu, she had the idea of ​​pulling Jiang Yuchu to join her. Jiang Yuchu was different from other alphas.

     Knowing that Xia Yirou and Jiang Yuchu had fallen in love, she came up with the idea of ​​matching the two, and she succeeded.

    She broke up with Yuan Yunqian, she thought they would come to the end...

    Since then, she has been fighting with Meng Fuqing, which is a protracted battle, and finally ended in Wen Wenxue's victory. Correspondingly, Yuan Haizong did not have Meng Fuqing's support, coupled with numerous enemies, he fell and was sentenced to prison. A corpse was salvaged from the river, and after identification, it was Chen Qiao's.

    Chen Qiao ran away before Yuan Haizong fell from power. He had already bought a ticket to go abroad. Just when he was about to leave Ning City, he met Zhao Laosan, who escaped from prison.

    Zhao Laosan thinks that he is living so badly now, and Chen Qiao is the culprit.

    Chen Qiao's eyes were open when he died, he should not be reconciled, so he couldn't rest his eyes.

    Feng Zhenzhen's first half of her life was dark and gray. If it weren't for her daughter and brother, she would have chosen to end her young life long ago.

    She and her younger brother were bought and sold, abducted to another country, and she was forced to marry. Her husband can't bear children, but let her bear it, and she is pregnant with a child she doesn't know who, but she loves her child very much.

    She met a woman as pitiful as she was. The woman's wife liked domestic violence, and the woman divorced and raised the child alone. She felt that they both had the same fate, and at the same time admired the courage of the woman to divorce. She silently paid attention to the woman, knowing that she was not the only one suffering in the world.

      Unreliable, but she dared not.

    She often sees women and Alpha picking up children at the same time. Alpha seems to know that the woman is divorced and has a child, but Alpha doesn't seem to mind.

    It turns out that Alpha is a woman's ex-wife, the person who likes domestic violence, don't women know? The country is easy to change, and the nature is hard to change. There are only zero and countless times of domestic violence.

    The two of them have a very good relationship, so good that she is envious.

    The boss of the place where she works is Alpha, she began to observe what kind of person Alpha is.

    Alpha is very kind, treats employees well, pays well, and is very capable...a very good person.


    There is a situation between the woman and Alpha. I heard that the woman has gone abroad and she has not seen Alpha for a while.

    She approached Alpha smoothly and became her assistant. She was very close to Alpha and even moved across from Alpha's house.

    She accompanied Alpha for four years, during which her biological mother found her and wanted her to recognize her ancestors, she refused, she wanted to stay with Alpha, but her brother went back.


    Everything started to go off the rails after the woman suddenly returned home.

    Alpha still loves a woman, time did not erase the relationship between the two, she did not want to lose Alpha, and watched the two gradually approach, her plan was to unite with the Xu family, betray the secret, and then Help Alpha through the difficulties and let Alpha know that she is the one who can really help her.

    She miscalculated, Alpha was smart, Alpha found out, and she was fired.

    She returned to the Feng family and began to inherit her mother's family business.

    After that, the two met several times on some overlapping occasions, but she didn't have the courage to come forward to say hello.

    I heard that Alpha and the woman are living well now, very happy, very good, bless them.

    She has inherited Fung Pharmaceuticals, her mother arranged a marriage for her, and she has no one she likes, she is already bad enough and doesn't mind worse.

    Her beta wife is annoying and often dangles in front of her.

    beta's wife likes her daughter very much, and promises her that she will not have any more children. One child every month is enough.

    I haven't seen beta wife for a while, I miss her a little.

    She seems to like beta wife a little bit, she is... very considerate and kind to her.

    She is in love with beta, she is almost forty years old, and she is fortunate enough to experience what love is. It feels very good.

    She is very happy now, she loves her wife.


    His hands were thin, with striking scars on them. The old man was thin, almost skinny, with a sallow complexion.

    In the past, she was beautiful, educated, had a decent job, was healthy and confident, and she was reduced to this point.

    It's embarrassing, and it's his own fault.

    Life is impermanent, and the scenery one moment may suffer the next second.

    With the help of Chang Le's father, Xie Gu became a teacher in Ningshi Middle School.

    Later, Chang Le's father had an accident, and he was implicated, so he could no longer teach. It was worse than death for him. Later, he chose to return to his hometown and become a teacher in his hometown.

      But Alpha, there was hardly a good spot on his body, he was all bruised, until he couldn't bear it, he killed his husband and faked the illusion that he fell into a ditch and drowned after being drunk.

    He no longer has to suffer domestic violence and can do what he likes, although the days are hard.

    He is destined to live in peace. Yu Yan, who is the third person after Wen Wenxue and Xia Yirou because of his contribution to Omega's career, accidentally talked about his past experiences and encouraged everyone not to be discouraged by life, but everyone's focus is on Xie Gu was on his body, and then Xie Gu was fleshed out. Every day, people came to his house to make troubles and damage. His days were like walking dead, muddled and painful.

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