What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?

Chapter 8


    After breaking away from the memory, Xia Yirou's eyes gradually gathered, and the breath on her body cooled down instantly.

    I lost my appetite when I saw the delicious dishes on the table.

    Jiang Yuchu, who was sitting next to her, suddenly felt the temperature drop around her, and goose bumps all over her body.

    There is no air conditioner, no cold wind, where is the cold air, it must be her illusion.

    She saw that Xia Yirou didn't take a few bites before she stopped her chopsticks and asked with concern, "What's wrong? Is it not to your taste?"

    Xia Yirou glanced at her coldly, and said indifferently "it's unpalatable"

    Jiang Yuchu didn't believe the dish with chopsticks in it, tasted it, and commented, "It's okay, it's delicious."

    She looked at Xia Yirou suspiciously, met her frosty eyes, was inexplicably cowardly, and then said honestly, "This dish is really hard to eat"

    "Sorry for affecting your appetite"

    Although he said so, his tone sounded inexplicably wronged.

    Although she felt aggrieved, Xia Yirou's eyes just now were so terrifying, she could bend and stretch.

    She looked at Jiang Zhengnuo and Du Tao, and she was comforted when she saw that they were eating with relish. She is professional, and the dishes she cooks will not be unpalatable.

    So, Xia Yirou must be the woman who targets her, too much, duplicitous woman, hum, she must be jealous that she cooks better than her, forget it, just sell her a face Well, who told her to be kind-hearted.

    After Jiang Yuchu comforted herself, more than half of the depression in her heart was relieved, and she began to bury her head in cooking. Now, she is already hungry.

    "Didn't you say it was bad?"

    When she was eating happily, a word came from the side.

    She choked with fright

    "Cough, um... You can't waste food, you can't finish so many dishes."

    She always felt that she made Xia Yirou unhappy, but she didn't do anything.

    It must have been what Yuan Shi had done before, and she was blamed again.

    "Don't eat it if it doesn't taste good, don't you like wronging yourself the most?"


    When she met Xia Yirou's gaze, she shuddered in her heart.

    "Okay, okay"

    Jiang Yuchu put down his chopsticks reluctantly, looking aggrieved.

    Seeing Jiang Yuchu's aggrieved appearance, Xia Yirou's heart was touched inexplicably.

    The grievances of Jiang Yuchu and Jiang Zhengnuo were almost carved out of a mold, and she couldn't help but soften her heart.

    She can't help but question herself: Is she going a little too far.

    Compared with what Jiang Yuchu did to her, what she did was nothing.

    But this thought only lasted for a few seconds.

    Xia Yirou looked at Jiang Yuchu's grievance and did not dare to complain, her mood was much better, and she felt that she had an appetite to eat again.

    Jiang Yuchu watched Xia Yirou pick up the chopsticks again with a shocked expression.

    Isn’t it bad?

    She thought so and asked.

    She poked Xia Yirou's arm and asked weakly, "Didn't you say it was bad?"

    Xia Yirou replied frankly, "I'm not like you, I don't mind being wronged a little."

    She gave her a half-smile, and added, "Also, I have to set a good example for Zheng Nuo, not to waste food, I am a good boy~"

    Ah ah ah, this woman is very vengeful, is this still the gentle and obedient Xia Yirou in her memory?

    Is she also being worn?

    "Auntie, don't waste food!"

    Jiang Zhengnuo ate attentively, and when he heard the words 'wasting food', he immediately taught a 'lesson'.

    Just as Jiang Yuchu wanted to go down the steps, Xia Yirou said one step ahead of her: "So Zheng Nuo can't imitate Aunt Jiang~ We are good children, right?"


    Jiang Zhengnuo's little milk voice increased a degree, and she looked at her like a disobedient bad child.

    The eyes seemed to say, Auntie, you are a bad boy, not good at all.

    Jiang Yuchu felt like he was going to vomit blood.

    Xia Yirou is too much, angry!

    She silently poked the rice in the bowl, thinking it was Xia Yirou.

    After a meal, her anger was almost gone.

    She was afraid that Du Tao and Xia Yirou would rush to wash the dishes, so she volunteered to stand up to clean the dishes, and said, "I'll wash the dishes"

    "Well, go"

    "Xia Xia, let's watch TV"

    "Come on, Zheng Nuo, grandma hugs"

    Jiang Yuchu's hand to clean up the tableware stopped.

    At least say: I come, I come. Yes!

     Isn't her mother the most spoiled?

    Three people in the living room giggled happily, while one person in the kitchen chirped.

    It's not that she doesn't want to wash the dishes, it's just that she feels a little nervous.

    It was almost nine o'clock when she finished washing the dishes and tidied up the table.

    "Chuchu, let's go back."

    Sure enough, Ms. Du Tao still cares about her.

    "Well, it's getting late, I should go back"

    "Oh, then you go, be careful on the road"

    "Okay Mom"

    Jiang Yuchu looked at Xia Yirou and Jiang Zhengnuo, who had not moved, and asked suspiciously, "Miss Xia, are you going?"

    "Xia Xia stay with me tonight"

    Ms. Du Tao answered first.

    "What about me?"

    "Aren't you going back?"

    Sure enough, she thought too much, and Ms. Du Tao's care has now become a luxury.

    "Okay Mom, then I'm leaving"

    "Come on"

    "Zhengnuo, bye bye"

    "Auntie, bye~"

    Jiang Yuchu walked to Jiang Zhengnuo's side, squatted down, turned his left face sideways, and said, "Can you give Auntie a goodbye kiss?"

    Jiang Zhengnuo shyly rubbed the corners of her skirt after hearing this, her eyes were confused, tangled, and shy, she quickly kissed Jiang Yuchu's left cheek, then ran to Xia Yirou, pounced on in her arms.

    Jiang Yuchu went over and touched Jiang Zhengnuo's head, and by the way, parted ways with Xia Yijudo.

    "Miss Xia, bye"

    Xia Yirou just nodded coldly.

    She did not go back directly, but went to the clinic first by bicycle.

    Xia Yirou has a cold, which seems to be very serious. Let's buy her some medicine.

    Although she's a bit nasty.

    But I can't blame her entirely, Xia Yirou is also miserable.

    She went to the clinic to describe the symptoms to the doctor, took the medicine, and rode back to Jiang's house.

    She knocked on the door, yes, she still didn't have the key.

    It was Du Tao who opened the door


    "Why are you back"

    Jiang Yuchu looked inside, but did not see Xia Yirou and the others in the living room.

    She handed out the medicine

    "Isn't Miss Xia cold? I bought medicine for her"

    Du Tao gave her a relieved look

    "You are sensible"

    "Also, I forgot to give it to you"

    Jiang Yuchu took out a square thing wrapped in white paper from his pocket

    "There is some money here, haven't I made some money recently? You take this money first. You have raised me for so many years, and now I will take care of you and your mother."

    "You won't gamble again!"

    "No, I did some business a while ago and made some money"

    "Where do you get the money to do business"

    Du Tao said 'Am I so easy to deceive? ' look.

    "I saved"

    "You'll Still Save"

    Indeed, according to the original owner's temperament, he would never save money. It can be seen that the original owner likes Bai Yueguang very much.


    If you can't say it, just act like a spoiled child. She can't say that she saved the money to marry Bai Yueguang!

    She had a hunch that she would be scolded.

    "Okay, I won't ask"

    Du Tao looked suspicious, but didn't ask any further.

    "Then I'll take the money for you first, don't gamble anymore, you know?"

    No matter where the money came from, it is always better to let her go first. She saves it for Jiang Yuchu first, so as not to lose her bet again.

    "Mom, then I'm leaving"

    "Be careful on the road"

    "Ok, good night, Mom"

    Jiang Yuchu was riding a bicycle leisurely along the way home, blowing the evening wind.

    In fact, this kind of life is very good, comfortable and comfortable, she thought to herself.

    She parked and locked the bicycle, and went upstairs along the stairs. The corridor was dark, and the stair light did not know when it was broken. It was fine yesterday.

    She went upstairs with her hands in the dark, and when she reached the door of the house, she bumped into something.

    I vaguely saw the outline of a person, she was so frightened that she lost her voice, she couldn't even say 'ah', she kept gulping there, unable to move her legs.

    It's not a ghost! Could it be that the original owner came to find her?

     Before she could think deeply, a female voice came from the opposite side.

    "Sister Jiang, it's me"

    "I, who am I?"

    "Jiang Yuchu, Sister Jiang!"

    "No, no, I, I mean, who are you?"

    "I'm Li Siruo! Don't you remember me?"

    Li Siruo?

    She gradually calmed down, because she had watched too many horror movies before, which made her especially like to think wildly.

    Oh, she remembered, the original hair is small, Li Siruo.

    Although the original body is very dog ​​and scum, but he has nothing to say to his friends.

    Because of this, the original body has a lot of wine and meat friends, and Li Siruo is one of the few friends who sincerely treat the original owner.


    Li Siruo is two years younger than her and is a female alpha.

    Later, Li Siruo and their family moved, and they never got in touch again.

    "It's you! It scared me to death"

    "Why did you come to me at night"

    "No, we haven't been in touch for almost eight years, how did you find my house"

    "I, I..."

    "Forget it, come first!"

    Jiang Yuchu stepped forward to open the door and turned on the light again.

    Only then did she see Li Siruo's appearance clearly.

    He has short, heroic hair, dyed a few pinch of red, three-dimensional features, a high nose bridge, and deep eye sockets.

    It is almost the same as Li Siruo's appearance in the original memory.

    It just looks a little embarrassed.

    "Sit down and have a drink?"

    "Only water, boil it for you."

    Jiang Yuchu went to the kitchen to boil hot water, poured it into a cup, and brought it to her.

    "What's the matter with you? How did you make it look like this"

    Li Siruo held the cup and warmed her cold palms, the heat overflowed from the cup and hit her face.

    "I ran away from home"

    "My parents asked me to marry someone I don't like. I don't want to marry her."

    "So I came to Mi County to find you"

    "It was Chen Qiao who told me that you live here"

    "You are my only friend, I can only rely on you"

    Li Siruo's appearance is quite aggressive, but she is good-looking, speaks less, and looks very cold, so almost no one dares to make friends with her.

    As for Li Siruo, it is even more impossible to make friends with others.

    The original owner is an exception, she took the initiative to make friends with her because Li Siruo ignored her.

    Although Li Siruo is not good at words, she has always been very assertive.

    She is stubborn and will never do anything she doesn't want to do.

    "I don't have any extra room here, you can only lay the floor if you stay."

    "It's fine, just have a place to sleep."

    This era is still dominated by arranged marriages and does not advocate free love. In such an environment, Li Siruo can still have a sense of resistance. She still admires her.

    When a matchmaker introduces an Omega woman, the woman's family and personal conditions must be one level better than alpha to be considered equal.


    Xia Yirou's parents are teachers, and the social status of literate people is high, but the original family only has Du Tao as a teacher, and Jiangyu is a self-employed. According to the current method, the original family conditions are: A little worse than Xia Yirou.

    This is sexism in disguise.

    In this era, alpha is respected, and omega is just an accessory, a tool for childbearing.

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