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What To Do If The System Forces You To Exercise
Alternative names:被系统逼着健身怎么办

What To Do If The System Forces You To Exercise

The frail and sickly Wen Jiexi had always wanted one thing: a healthy body and like a dream come true, one day, she was selected by the system!

System: The amazing me shall grant you a strong physique and divine strength! However, you have to maintain your health through monthly missions! If you fail to complete them~well, then you’ll stay as a female King Kong, forever~

Wen Jiexi: What?! Will I no longer be able to live my life freely again?!!

Mother with an alarmed expression: My frail daughter is actually trying to do the most sit-ups possible?!

Father made a strange face: My delicate daughter ran on the treadmill for an hour?!

Brother’s expression crumbled: Can anyone tell him how his cute little sister who is as precious as a delicate white flower…was actually able to use one punch to break a sandbag and smash a hole through the wall!!!

Through a series of unexpected circumstances, she was pulled into the entertainment industry and became a female martial artist!

Female Fan: Our darling Wen is the most awesome! She’s even more handsome than a man!

Male Fan: The girls today are so domineering! To be able to throw away all of one’s shame, I want that feeling too!

The frozen expression after being hugged by the princess from behind: …..

Wen Jiexi held up a hand: No, no, no! It’s not like that!


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