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When the Doctor Opened the Plug-in
Alternative names:当医生开了外挂
Genre: Urban Life

When the Doctor Opened the Plug-in

You are a little (poor) doctor with a monthly income of 2000, suffering from the stress and devastation of life!

However, when I woke up one day, I found that I had opened a plug-in …

You’re going to have an appendix surgery, so open up and explore:

You touch the cecum: [cecum: healthy! 】

You touch the colon: [Colon: Healthy! 】

You touch the appendix: [Appendix: This is an inflammatory purulent appendix, lv15, a rare one. Suggestion: Appendectomy! 】

You cut your appendix with your hand and knife.

【Ding! Kill the rare appendix and get: +100 appendectomy experience, RMB +100, and a white suture needle! 】

You are an emergency surgeon, and as soon as you wake up … saving people becomes stronger!

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