Where’d My Delicate Little Wife Go?

Chapter 95 Extra: Previous life (1)

    Duan Changqing did not expect that his luck was so good, that he was torn apart by lightning, and he was able to gain a new life in another world.

    Duan Changqing didn't expect that his luck was so bad, and he finally got a new life, but because his body was too broken and no one rescued him, he was about to starve to death.

    No, he shouldn't starve to death because a beast jumped into the water and swam towards him.

    He will be eaten before he starves to death.

    Duan Changqing left this body immediately, as for what will happen after that... He doesn't know.

    Five years later.

    Because of the death of the high priest, the various forces in the holy city fought endlessly and lost a lot, so they couldn't care about Xie Yunnan and his party who occupied Hongye City, but let Xie Yunnan and his men , do not be flanked by the holy city and the alien beasts of the red leaf forest.

    Five years later, Xie Yunnan finally became a ninth-level warrior, and at this time, he had already killed an unknown number of alien beasts that ran out of Hongye City.

    Lu Xiaoran, Xia Qing, and some of the Ghost King's subordinates also grew rapidly in the process of fighting against the alien beasts in Red Leaf City.

    Many of their relatives and friends lost their lives in the battle, and those who survived, both in mentality and strength, have undergone earth-shaking changes.

    It is precisely because of their dedication that the people of Hongye City trust them and worship them. Today's Hongye City can be regarded as one heart.

    It's just that their life is not very good.


     Xie Yunnan's clothes were already torn, but they couldn't be thrown away.

     Throwing an alien beast into the truck compartment, Xie Yunnan said, "Let's go back."

    In the past two years, the alien beasts in the Red Leaf Forest finally stopped running out, and now, they have almost cleaned up the edge area.

    Next, they can grow food and raise livestock on the fringes!

     "Yes!" Everyone responded and got into the car.

    Xie Yunnan got into the car, sat on the corpse of a strange beast, took out a piece of tobacco and lit it.

    Red Leaf City originally had a cigarette factory, producing several grades of cigarettes of high, medium and low grades, and several plantations would grow tobacco leaves, but after Xie Yunnan took over Hongye City, the original tobacco factory was taken over by him Grab it to produce other necessities of life.


    Nowadays, people in Hongye City are under a lot of pressure, so some people go to pick the tobacco leaves and come back to deal with them, then burn them and smell them.

    nicotine is not good for the body, but who cares about the body when the knife licks blood?

    Xie Yunnan doesn't care.

    It was not until the ghost king died that he knew that it was his father, and then he carried a heavy burden.


    The burden is too heavy. In recent years, he has to improve his strength at the fastest speed. He has suffered a lot of physical damage. Is there a priest to treat him... He will probably not live as long as his father in this life, What is a cigarette?

    "Boss, you're not very particular!" Someone said with a smile, took out a piece of paper, rolled up the cut tobacco leaves, and smoked his own cigarettes.


    The car slowly drove into their newly built fence, and suddenly stopped with a "click".

    "What's the matter? There's no gasoline again?" Xie Yunnan asked, Red Leaf City is in short supply and has been short of gasoline.

    In the past two years, they have opened up a passage to another city and exchanged some gasoline with the Holy City behind their backs, but it was always not enough.

    "It's not that there is no gasoline, it's that the car is broken," Xia Qing scolded, "This is a broken car! I've had enough of it!"

    "I'll take a look." Xie Yunnan turned over and got ready to repair the car.

    Although he is the lord of the city, he has been driving a car to kill alien beasts all these years and has encountered problems with his car, and his car repair skills have not fallen behind.

    The car was really broken, Xie Yunnan climbed under the car with the toolbox, and replaced the parts familiarly.

    When he finally finished replacing the parts, he put down the wrench and turned his body sideways, suddenly meeting a small face.

    It was a five- or six-year-old child with fair skin and big eyes. He was lying on the ground and looked at him curiously. Seeing him look over, the child suddenly smiled and showed white teeth.

    Xie Yunnan was very tired, but seeing the child's innocent smiling face, she always felt that her fatigue had dissipated a lot, so she also smiled at the other party: "Little guy, get up, your clothes are full Dirty."


    What's even more strange is that the child still smiled at him, but didn't respond to his words.

    "Boss, this is a fool, he can't understand you." The humane who made a cigarette with old newspaper just now.

    A pretty child, but a fool?


    "Yes, boss." The man smiled embarrassedly.

    Xie Yunnan picked up the clothes of the child who was lying on his stomach, and asked, "Where are the parents of this child?"

    "This child has no parents and is in a kindergarten," Xia Qing took the toolbox in Xie Yunnan's hand and put it under the driver's seat of the truck, "Boss, he and You still have some origins, he is the child who was thrown into the pile of alien beasts by his parents and picked up by you."

    Xie Yunnan's heart sank, thinking about it.

    That was five years ago, when the alien beasts of the Red Leaf Forest first started attacking the Red Leaf City.

    There are already many children in the marginal area who have been abandoned by their parents and have no one to take care of. At that time, when it came to life and death, there were even more children who were abandoned.

    Some parents will leave the last bite to their children, but some parents will feel that their children are a burden.

    He was not the city lord of Hongye City at that time, and only organized some people in the marginal area to fight against alien beasts together.

    During the period when he went out to find food, he saw a couple being chased by alien beasts and threw the infant child at the alien beast, trying to make the alien beast stop chasing them .

    He didn't know his background at the time, he thought he was abandoned, and naturally he couldn't see someone throwing the child, so he rushed into the pile of alien beasts and rescued the child...


    Of course, the husband didn't get any favors, and he was also chased and killed by a strange beast.

    He was already a low-level warrior at that time, and his fighting power was stronger than that of the couple who were ordinary people. Although he was injured a little, he did not die, and escaped with the child.

    He didn't have time to take care of a small baby, and the child was handed over to the care of several orphans in the shack - at that time he gathered some unwanted children together and provided them with food, This is the prototype of Hongyecheng Nursery Home.


    The child who was thrown out by his parents and broke his head and didn't cry, has grown so big now?

    Xie Yunnan remembered that when the child was thrown by his parents, his head was smashed, and he was not able to treat him later. Could it be that he was stupid because he smashed his head at that time Bar?

    "How has he been all these years?" Xie Yunnan asked Xia Qing.

    Xia Qing said: "You asked the kitten to take care of him, and he is doing fine."

    Kitten is a girl Xie Yunnan knew before the alien beast siege happened. Her companion beast was a yellow and white cat, and everyone called her Kitten.

    She is the king of children in the shack area near the town where Xie Yunnan lives. The children in the shack area listen to her, the children in the shack area... If it wasn't for Xie Yunnan at that time, they would all become alien beasts food.

    Kitten is very grateful to Xie Yunnan, because of this gratitude, she took good care of this little fool that Xie Yunnan brought back, and let him grow up well.

    "That's good." Xie Yunnan said, suddenly feeling that his pants were being pulled.

    It was the little fool who was pulling him. The little fool even took out a piece of dried sweet potato and stretched out his hand to give it to him.

    Xie Yunnan was stunned.

    Although this little fool has a fair face, he is very, very thin. From the look of him, you can tell that his food is usually poor, and it is very likely that it is difficult to even eat enough.

    These dried sweet potatoes were taken out of the clothes by the little fool, and wrapped in a piece of cloth, obviously cherished, not to mention that the little fool is still swallowing while giving him the dried sweet potatoes...

    I can’t get enough to eat, so I want to give him dried sweet potatoes?

    "Boss, he likes you very much... Isn't there a picture of you on the wall of the nursery? He can stand in front of the picture and watch it for a day." Xia Qing said again.

    Xie Yunnan suddenly felt that what she did was meaningful. He laughed and touched the child's head: "I have something to eat, you don't have to give it to me."

    After finishing speaking, Xie Yunnan took out a few pieces of jerky from his arms and stuffed it into the child's clothes: "Take it and eat it."

    The child probably didn't understand what happened, and raised his hand to give Xie Yunnan dried sweet potatoes.

    Xie Yunnan thought about it, took the dried sweet potato and took a bite: "Thank you."

    The child immediately laughed, his brows and eyes were indescribably pure and cute.

    "Xia Qing, send him back." Xie Yunnan said, and got into the car after speaking - he still has a lot of things to do.

    It has been six years since Xie Yunnan saw this child again.

    In the past six years, Bai Ye brought Bai Lao's staff to join him. The two high priests of the holy city fought with each other and their strength was greatly reduced, so he took the opportunity to enter the holy city.

    And this road is not easy... He was assassinated in the Holy City, and was seriously injured and almost died.

    There are many forces against him in the Holy City. If these people know about his injury, more people will definitely assassinate him...

    In desperation, Lu Xiaoran could only secretly transfer him to Hongye City, and let him recuperate in Hongye City.

      , there are kittens.

    For many years, I used to excuse my cat companion beast to miss Xie Yunnan, so the kitten who came to Xie Yunnan has grown into a slim big girl.

    She was very capable, took good care of Xie Yunnan, and forced Xie Yunnan to quit smoking.

    It's not that Xie Yunnan can't quit smoking, but he just doesn't want to quit. He doesn't have any hobbies, so he just smokes...

    On this day, he was hiding from the kitten and secretly smoking in the backyard. A child of about ten years old with red lips and white teeth suddenly turned in from outside the fence.

    The two looked at each other, the child gave Xie Yunnan a big smile.

    Xie Yunnan also smiled, and felt that this child was a little familiar.

    He quickly remembered why he thought the child was familiar, because following closely, the face was washed clean, but the child in dirty clothes jumped from the fence Come down, run to him, and give him a piece of dried sweet potato.

    "City Lord, are you secretly smoking again? Hey, Doudou?" Xiaohua suddenly appeared and saw the child.

    This kid is called Doudou? Xie Yunnan squeezed the cigarette into the palm of his hand between the electric light and flint, and grabbed the dried sweet potato with the other hand, and said to Xiaohua: "I don't smoke, I'm chatting with him... Is his name Doudou?"

    "Yeah, I named him Doudou." Xiaohua said.

    "How did he find this place?" Xie Yunnan was a little strange, the place where he was recovering was not easy to approach, and Xiaohua never left these days...

    "I don't know, Doudou drills everywhere, and can always go to some places that others can't go... But the city lord, Doudou must have no malicious intentions, he has always liked you very much..." Xie Yunnan recuperates here The matter needs to be kept secret, Xiaohua is afraid that the guards will hurt Doudou, and hurriedly explained: "He is a fool, he can't speak, and he will definitely not tell you what happened here..."

    Xie Yunnan knows that this little fool has no malicious intentions, but his safety is very important, and the person responsible for protecting him has already come here...

    Doudou is breaking the fingers of his hand that squeezed the cigarette... Xie Yunnan threw the extinguished cigarette in his hand, showed him his hand that was not scalded, and said to the person who protected him: " Since this child is here, let him live here."

    The teenage fool is still very thin, and without a kitten to take care of him, he may not even have enough to eat.

    It would be nice to let him live here and support him.

    And he lives here, so there is no need to worry about him accidentally leaking the news of his recovery here.

    The little fool just stayed like this.

    The people around Xie Yunnan were worried that he would run out after he stayed, and Xie Yunnan was inadvertently recuperating here. At first, he looked at him very closely, but the child did not do that.

    Don't say running out, he didn't even want to leave Xie Yunnan, and followed Xie Yunnan all day long.

    At first, he just stared at Xie Yunnan all day long, but after a long time, he even began to learn to take care of Xie Yunnan, serving tea and water to Xie Yunnan.

    Seeing him like this, the people around Xie Yunnan slowly accepted him and began to allow him to approach Xie Yunnan.

    Xie Yunnan felt that he didn't seem to be particularly stupid. Although he couldn't speak, he should be able to understand and understand some things.

    However, even if it is not particularly stupid, such a child is destined to live a harder life than others.

    When it was time to change the dressing, Xie Yunnan untied the bandage on his body and asked someone to rub the medicine on him.

    The wound on his body is very ferocious, and there are many scars near the wound, which have been left over the years.

    The doctor treated Xie Yunnan without changing her face, but the kitten had red eyes again.

    Seeing this, Xie Yunnan said, "Don't cry, I'm fine."

    The doctor said: "City Lord, how are you all right? Your health is very bad now, if there is no senior priest to help you with treatment, you..."

    Xie Yunnan laughed: "Which high priest will treat me?"

    The two high priests who were locked up by him hated him to death and would never treat him.

    Even if they were willing to treat him, he dared not let them treat him.

    "Then you won't participate in battles in the future, otherwise..." The doctor looked worried.

    Xie Yunnan knew what he wanted to say.

    If it goes on like this... let alone a hundred years, he may not even live to fifty.

    But we have come this far, and we can't give up.

    That's it... He seems to have to start training heirs early.

    Thinking about this, Xie Yunnan reached out and pinched his eyebrows.

    At this moment, he saw the little fool standing beside him.

    The little fool stared at the wound on his stomach, and tears kept falling from his eyes.

    This little idiot is smiling all day long, and he didn't expect to cry like this.

    Xie Yunnan sighed.

    Little fool really likes him, this kind of pure love is very touching.

    If there is no danger around him, he doesn't mind taking the little fool around and raising him as a son.

    But he is assassinated from time to time, and it is dangerous to follow him.

    Xie Yunnan recovered from her injury this time for two months. Two months later, before his injuries were completely healed, he had to leave Hongye City due to a sudden accident and returned to the Holy City.

    When he left, he left a little money for the kitten to let her take care of the little fool.

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