Who Doesn’t Like a Sweet Little Alpha?

Chapter 104 ,end

    As soon as Mr. Su finished speaking, the box became quiet, and the atmosphere fell into a stagnation.

    Opposite the old gentleman, Su Lan was a little stunned, and there was even a little doubt in her eyes.


    Finally,? She completely digested the meaning of the old gentleman's words, and also understood what this word she hadn't heard for a long time?


    This shouldn't be what Su Qian meant, or else Mr. Su wouldn't be able to let him go.

    "Have you discussed this with your two children?"

    Su Lan stared at the old man opposite and said coldly.

    She showed the momentum that belongs to Alpha, but Mr. Su is as stable as Mount Tai.

    After all, he is an excellent A, in front of a general A, he has an absolute advantage, Su Lan is not much threatening in his eyes.

    "Xiao Qian is just embarrassed to mention it."

    With Xiaoqian's character and life beliefs, how could she be willing to marry? Even if he loves Su Yuzhou miserably, he is definitely unwilling in his heart.


    As a grandfather, he must help him fight!

    This matter has been haunting him ever since he knew of their true relationship.

    As long as the Su family's parents agree, then they will have no obstacles.

     Mr. Su became more and more determined, he said: "And Zhouzhou...he will agree."

    "What are you kidding? Is my son an excellent A, or the top of the excellent A, let him agree to join the marriage? This is a joke!"

    Su Lan held back her temper and said angrily, "Even if Su Qian brought it up to him in person, he would never agree!"

    Lin Zi next to him, suddenly a trace of worry flashed in his eyes.

    Then, he heard the old man on the opposite say with a little surprise: "So you don't know yet?"

    Lin Zi's face changed slightly, but Su Lan was puzzled.

    "Know what?"

     Mr. Su looked at her, smiled and said: "Zhouzhou and Xiaoqian are different from normal AO, they..."

    "Sir!" Lin Zi suddenly stopped him.

    As a timid Omega, he has always been shy and shy when facing outsiders.

    At this banquet, Lin Zi didn't say much, but now he finally couldn't help speaking.

     Mr. Su glanced at him unexpectedly, smiled and said, "It seems that Madam knows."

    As soon as he said these words, Su Lan couldn't help but look at Lin Zi.

    "Xiao Zi, what's going on?"

    Because she was in a hurry, her tone was a little harsh, Lin Zi bit her lip, still got up and pulled her to the window, whispered in Su Lan's ear.

    However, even if Lin Zi has carefully considered the words, even if he has said it in the gentlest tone, the facts make Su Lan unacceptable.

    She looked at her husband with a dull look, like a bolt from the blue.

    "What you said is true?" She asked in disbelief, hoping to hear a different answer.

    However, Lin Zi nodded at her.

    "When did you know? Why did you wait until now to tell me?" Su Lan said with a hurt face.

    So the whole world knows, is she the only one in the dark?

    Lin Zi wanted to hug her, but she pushed her away. His eyes were red and he said: "Lan Lan, I'm sorry... I'm just worried that you can't accept it..."

    In fact, he hinted it many times, but Su Lan can always turn to other directions, what can he do? Is it straight to the point?

    With her temper…

    Lin Zi felt bitter in her heart, and her tears fell anxiously.

    "Don't be angry, in fact, think about it carefully, Zhouzhou and Xiaoqian are also very good. Husband and wife get along like people drinking water, and they know their warmth and warmth."

    "As long as the boat is happy, isn't it?"


    Su Lan said sharply, "He is going to be someone else's son now! Can you accept it even so?"

    She watched her husband cry, and she felt distressed, and at the same time was really angry.

     Mr. Su, who was on the side, persuaded: "Even if Zhouzhou is married, it is your child. This is impossible to change. Our two families are still in-laws..."

     "Fuck off! The children of my old Su family, no matter what!"

    After being persuaded by him, Su Lan became furious again.

    "Come on, let's skip this meal!"

    She took her husband and went out. Mr. Su wanted to stop him, but he didn't expect Su Lan's temper to be so explosive, but...

    Su Lan and Lin Zi met Su Qian and Su Yuzhou at the door, who had left and returned.

    Perceiving something different, Su Yuzhou hurriedly stepped forward to stop them, "Dad, what happened? Why are you crying?"

    Su Lan raised her hand angrily when she saw him, but was finally reluctant to fight.

    It was just that Su Yuzhou had already seen her intentions and couldn't help being stunned.

    "You are an Alpha! How can you..." Su Lan was heartbroken and her eyes were red with anger.

    "This marriage is over!"

    Finally, she exclaimed, "I can't let you in!"

    "I don't care whether you like Alpha or Omega, I can't give up on you! You will always be the child of my old Su family, or..."

    Su Lan glared at Su Qian, full of hostility, "You want him, don't you even want your father and me?"

    Su Yuzhou was stunned by her roar.

    My mother finally found out about his affair with Su Qian? But... what kind of marriage? Why don't they? What the **** is going on?

    At this time, Lin Zi finally pulled Su Lan back, and then explained to the two children in a low voice.

    Su Yuzhou's face became more ugly the more he listened.

    He looked at Su Qian and asked, "Brother Su, do you know about this?"

    Su Qian also sullenly said, "I don't know."

    He shook his head, all this was his grandfather's own opinion.

    In the box, Mr. Su looked at the scene at the door, sat down again, and sighed faintly.

    It's just that he doesn't think he's doing anything wrong.

    "What do you mean?" Su Yuzhou asked.

    Su Lan calmed down a little, but her tone was still aggressive, "Yes, President Su, what do you mean? Do you also want us to join your hostel?"

    Listening to her alienating title, Su Qian's heart froze slightly, he looked at Su Yuzhou, as if he also saw the strangeness in his eyes.

    He gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, "You and Dad wait here first, and I will give you an explanation."

    After he finished speaking, he walked into the box.

    After a while, a quarrel came from the crack of the open door.

    "Xiao Qian, I am your grandfather! When did I hurt you?"

    This is Mr. Su Lao's voice.

    "The Su family was brought back by you and made it to this level. Are you willing to hand it over to others? I value you and don't want others to take over."

    "But once you get married, there will be countless people who want to pull you down, and they have reasons! After all, the Su family is also a family business, and I may not be able to protect it at that time. is you."

    "This is undoubtedly the best choice now, and Zhouzhou... he should agree."

    He loves his grandson so much that he can ignore Alpha's pride, what else can he not agree to?

    "The so-called entrant is just a change of name."

    "As long as your in-laws agree, you will be able to go smoothly in the future, isn't that bad?"

    He said earnestly, "Xiao Qian, I'm all here for your own good."

    Su Lan listened to his words and wanted to go in and have a theory with him, but was stopped by Lin Zi.

     And Su Qian's voice also rang.

    "It seems that I was wrong. I shouldn't have given you the illusion that you can interfere in my marriage."

    His voice was filled with disappointment and exhaustion.

    Su Qian looked at his grandfather, who was his closest blood relative, but even he never understood what he really wanted.

    "If what you said is true, then I will resign from all positions in the Su Clan."

    He made the final call.

     Mr. Su was taken aback, "Xiao Qian, are you crazy?"

    "Chairman Su, I'm calm." Su Qian said indifferently, "Or do you think... Today, five years ago?"

    "How many people do you think my team can take with me if I leave now? Will the entire Su clan only be left with an empty shell?"

     "Would you like to try it and see if the crisis of the Su Group five years ago will be repeated?"

    "You..." Mr. Su glared at him, speechless.

    He suddenly realized that his grandson, who often made him sigh, seemed to have completely full wings and was no longer the Omega who needed him to support him.

    Su Qian tugged at the corner of his mouth sarcastically.

    "Pull me off? I can assure you that as soon as I leave, the Su clan will collapse."

    "It's such a big mess, which junior do you think can take over? Su Ran? Second uncle and third uncle?"

    Speaking of these people, Su Qian smiled contemptuously, "I hope you can understand."

    "Now, you are begging me."


      Completely sever ties."

    Su Qian finished mercilessly, stopped looking at Mr. Su's livid face, turned and walked towards the door.

    When he looked up, he saw Su Yuzhou standing at the door looking at him.

    Su Qian paused slightly, then lifted his foot more firmly, strode over, and stood in front of the young man.

    The two of them looked at each other, the coldness and determination on Su Qian's face disappeared, replaced by a bit of relief and more tenderness.

    He took the young man's hand, and in a deep and solemn voice, he said:

    "Su Yuzhou, I will marry you."

    Su Yuzhou's eyes were a little red, he opened his mouth, but was stopped by Su Qian.

    "You can't say no, I've been waiting for this day for a long time."

    "Zhouzhou, don't reject me again..."

    "Su Qian, are you stupid?" Su Yuzhou interrupted him and said mercilessly.

    Su Qian was slightly startled, and then heard him say: "What age is it now, what is the marriage?"

    Speaking, Su Yuzhou took a deep breath slowly, then took his hand.

    The young man's light chestnut eyes are clear and clean, with a little red under his eyes, with an unprecedented seriousness.

     "Su Qian, are you willing to marry me, form a partner with me, and start a new family?"

    Su Yuzhou stared at him deeply, and said loudly, "If there are children in the future, one will be with your surname and the other with my surname."

    "We've been together until the end, okay?"

    Su Qian stared at him, all the haze surrounding him dissipated, he laughed slowly, his eyes were a little wet.

    He pulled the young man into his arms.

    "I'm sorry, I thought about it." He leaned against his ear and whispered.

    "This is not what I want to hear..."

    "Well, I know."

    Su Qian took a deep breath, suppressed the surging emotions in his heart, and said in his ear: "Su Yuzhou, I am willing."

    "Let's get married and make a family of our own."

    Su Yuzhou smiled with satisfaction.

    He raised his hand and hugged him tightly, burying it in his chest with nostalgia.

    Suddenly, he asked, "Have you brought the household registration book?"

    Su Qian paused, "Bring it."

    "Then let's go to register now." Su Yuzhou raised his head from his arms, "I wonder if the Civil Affairs Bureau is going to work this Saturday?"

    Su Qian thought for a while, then tentatively said: "Then go take a look?"


    Su Yuzhou left his arms and turned to look at Su Lan and Lin Zi who were still standing in the corridor.

    Su Lan has calmed down, but her face is still dark, obviously not out of breath.

    However, Su Yuzhou grinned and smiled happily.

    Although he made her angry, she just said... No matter what, she will not give up on him.

    "Mom, I'm sorry I let you down."

    He said, "But it is my greatest luck to be your child in my life, thank you."

    Lin Zi looked at his son with tears in his eyes, and wiped his eyes with emotion. Seeing that his wife was unmoved, he reached out and pulled her sleeve again.

    Su Lan snorted coldly.

    She still couldn't understand why her top A son was oppressed by Omega?

    Although Su Qian is excellent in all aspects, she still accepts her incompetence.

    It's just... looking at this stinky boy, she can't really ignore him, especially at this moment, he is still looking at him pitifully with those dog eyes that are very similar to her husband.

    Su Lan was so upset that she wanted to take her husband out of here.

    "Mom..." Su Yuzhou pulled her.


    "That...hukou book..."

    Su Lan couldn't help but stare back at him, so angry that she wanted to bite him, "Go away, whoever goes out will bring the account book with him!"


    "Zhou Zhou, the household registration book is with Dad!"

    Hearing Su Lan's loosening, Lin Zi wiped away her tears and said happily.

    Then I took out the small book from the bag.

    Su Lan was angry and couldn't help staring at him: "Why do you bring a household registration book when you go out?"

    "Just...just in case..."

    She didn't have time to stop her, Lin Zi had already handed the household registration book to her son, Su Yuzhou happily kissed him on the face.

    "Thank you Dad!"

    Lin Zi also burst into tears.

    Seeing this scene, Su Lan became even more angry, "You stay away from your father!"

    Speaking, he pulled Lin Zi to his side, wiped his cheek with his sleeve, and Su Yuzhou had already pulled Su Qian away.

    Su Lan gritted her teeth, "This stinky boy... just spoil him!"

    Lin Zi explained her with a smile.

    "Don't be angry, Zhouzhou is very happy now."

    Su Lan pouted, suddenly thinking of something, shaking her hands, pointing in the direction they left: "So my t is for that kid..."

    The next words can't go on.

    Because she was so angry that she was about to vomit blood.

    Lin Zi reluctantly patted her back, out of the corner of her eye, she saw Mr. Su who came out of the box.

    He looked very bad.

    Although something unpleasant happened just now, he still said with a little concern: "Mr., are you alright?"

     Mr. Su waved his hand, then leaned on crutches, passed them, and walked away step by step.

    His back was a little lonely and desolate, as if he was suddenly much older.

    Su Lan looked at his back.

    It's all Alpha, she can actually understand the old man's thoughts, if it's her...


    Lin Zi laughed.

    "No, you are not him."

    He spoke very firmly, looking at Su Lan with trust and love.

    Su Lan looked at him, and after a while, finally sighed, "Alright, alright, children and grandchildren have their own blessings, so what are you doing?"

    "Let's go, we haven't dated for a long time, I'll take you shopping while you still have time!"

    "Yeah, alright."

    The two hugged each other intimately and quickly left.

    Su Yuzhou pulled Su Qian to the parking lot and got into the car together.

    "What time does the Civil Affairs Bureau go to work in the afternoon?"

    He said excitedly, pulled the seat belt, and as soon as it was fastened, he felt a shadow appear in front of him, and then he was held by the man's shoulder and pressed against the seat.

    The sweet scent of chestnuts lingered on the tip of the nose, and the man's passionate and eager kiss fell on his lips.

    Su Yuzhou did not resist, closed his eyes and carefully felt Mr. Su's strong and hot emotions in this kiss.

    He is always like this, and likes to express his feelings with actions.

    In fact, his mood is also a little difficult to calm down.

    The two are going to get the certificate soon. At that time, they will be legally legal husbands.

    This day will have a very special meaning for them and will become a festival to be commemorated every year.

    A festival just for the two of them.

    Finally, when the atmosphere was getting anxious, Su Qian let go of him.

    Su Yuzhou looked at him with a smile.

    Just thinking of what he had just heard outside the box, he slowly suppressed his smile and whispered: "You and grandpa... Is this really okay?"

    Su Qian had a meal.

    "This is the best solution. Keeping distance is better for each other."

    He is no longer the child who yearned for approval, and now he doesn't care about that.

    Su Yuzhou raised his hand and touched his face lightly.

    "Stop talking about him."


     Hearing this, Su Yuzhou couldn't help but feel happy.

    He nodded and said with a smile: "Okay, it's all up to you, husband."

    Su Qian was startled, the corner of his mouth couldn't restrain his smile, he said softly, "Shout again."

    Su Yuzhou shouted obediently, "Husband."

    The gentle and bright light suddenly bloomed in Su Qian's ink pupils.

    He stared deeply at Su Yuzhou, suddenly raised his hand and pressed the button, raising the special anti-peeping glass.

    In the car, Su Yuzhou's exclamation soon came out.

    After a while, the young man's voice came out, "Aren't you going to collect the certificate?"

    "The Civil Affairs Bureau opens at two o'clock."

    The man responded to him, and then fell silent.

    The car parked in the corner, quiet.

    No one knew what was going on inside, only when a cat in the parking lot passed under the car, he vaguely heard the depressed cry of the youth, and…

    A soft "husband" until the voice is hoarse.

    After an unknown period of time, the sound of the engine starting finally sounded, and the cat screamed and hurried away.

    The black car started slowly, and under the gaze of the cat, it left the parking lot and headed towards the Civil Affairs Bureau.

    "Brother Su, where will our wedding be held?"

    "Do you have an idea?"

    "Well, not yet..."

    "Then I'll arrange it?"


    The car window rolled down, the young man leaned against the window, smiling and chatting with his lover about the future.

    The weather is sunny, the sky is blue and blue, and the soft and bright light of winter pours on the road, golden, dispelling all darkness and cold.

    They are driving in the sun like this.

    Slowly, disappearing at the end of the road, towards a bright, warm and happy future, and going away...


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    Text: Lin Xingmo did not expect that one day he would become a cat, and when he opened his eyes, what he saw was the reduced face of the marriage partner.

    At this time, Xu Yi was still a poor little boy who was healthy but had a miserable life, not the shady boss who would sit in a wheelchair and stir up the market situation in the future.

    When he was in a daze, Xiao Xu Yi stretched out his hand and comforted him in a low voice, as if he wanted to touch him.

    The cat with a white body and a pair of blue eyes is like an elves on the snow, beautiful and cute.

    Looking at the little boy's enlarged hand, Lin Xingmo...

    Take a step back in disgust.

    Emotional loss becomes cat master · seduced without knowing it is cold

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