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Wilderness Challenge for Live Broadcast
Author: Earthworker
Alternative names:直播之荒野挑战
Genre: Urban Life

Wilderness Challenge for Live Broadcast

I once walked on the ridge of the roof of the world: the icy ridge of Mount Everest;

It has also crossed the dead desert: the deserted area of the Salah Desert;

I used to parachute into the Swallow Cave from a height of 10,000 meters;

Also dived into the deep sea of the Bermuda Triangle, a hundred meters deep, to fight undersea sharks!

My name is Xu Xu, a Chinese, and the wildest anchor in the world. You can call me Xu Ye. Now, I am broadcasting live in the Americas, the world’s largest tropical rain forest.

As you can see, I’m all over and I just wear it. A pair of shorts, yes, I didn’t even wear shoes. This time, I’m going to challenge without any items and survive in the rainforest for 60 days!

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