Novel info
With the Famous Name of the Three Kingdoms
Author: Only me black
Alternative names:带着历史名将闯三国
Genre: Game

With the Famous Name of the Three Kingdoms

When other players are still stalking for how to recruit the Three Kingdoms, Qin Xiaobai already has such super-historical names as Baiqi, Hanxin, Chen Qingzhi, Yue Wumu and Zheng Chenggong.

When other players face the heavy internal affairs to help the hand, Qin Xiaobai already has the historical names of Shangfeng, Xiao He, Di Renjie, Wang Anshi, Zhang Juzheng and so on.

Trembling players, see how I crush you with the All-Star Deluxe lineup. A little white screamed.
“Oh… wait, it looks a bit wrong, for the hair I brushed out some sister paper…”

妲 褒姒, 褒姒, Zhao Feiyan, Taiping, 婉儿, Wu Mei Niang…, said where the good names are going.
A little white surrounded by sister paper sighed: “I don’t want to bring my sister to the Three Kingdoms.”


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