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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous
Author: 水清竹
Alternative names:云家小九超皮哒

Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous

She is an ace agent, but crossed into Ye City’s number one extraordinary wastrel!

This lady is an ugly girl? From a cocoon comes out a butterfly, I’ll blindingly brighten your snobbish titanium eyes!

This lady is a wastrel? Heavenly thunder in hand! I’ll strike you until you’re crispy on the outside, tender and fragrant on the inside!

Traveling all over the world with a witty mouth, vowing to have peach blossoms everywhere!

A certain prince held a knife in his left hand and a sword in his right, cutting down each and every one of these peach blossoms!

A certain woman raised her eyebrows and smiled: “You cut my peach blossoms, I abuse your white lotuses, two evil doers make a pair, perfect match!”

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