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Zhutian’s Strongest Need System
Author: Northern Squid
Alternative names:诸天最强极品系统
Genre: Fantasy, Xuanhuan

Zhutian’s Strongest Need System

This is a mysterious world that connects the heavens and the world. After being born again, Wang Yin, a young man, finds that he has received a gift from the heavenly kingdom-Need for System:
Ding, your primary martial arts iron fist is upgraded to the god martial arts killing fist.
Ding, your inferior iron sword is upgraded to the best holy sword victory and vow sword.
Ding, your broken ring has been upgraded to the best body ring.
Ding, your good friend Sun Wukong is online and has sent you the best four-star Dragon Ball Stone.
Ding, you have taken the ultimate lucky fruit, and now your luck is bursting.
Ding, your subordinate Master Ye Yeji used the final state of infinite month reading, and the entire enemy world fell asleep.
Ding, your subordinate Zhuge has become the ultimate state, he said to you: Go up to the court, the flag of the dragon, the clothes of the queens and the kingdoms of the ten kingdoms, all become Han soil.

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